Giorgio Armani 2020 Cruise Men's and Women's Collections

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For the first co-ed Cruise Collection fashion show, Giorgio Armani has chosen Tokyo as its theatre to homage both the designer’s affinity with the Japanese culture and aesthetic. The Giorgio Armani stylistic codes find their essence in the daywear of the collection and the natural dialogue between body and clothing along with the burnt natural palette and the palpable washed textures which hark back to tropical landscapes.

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陈春椿山 says:


Leseoj Reivaj says:

every single piece of clothing both male and female is wearable on different occasions… so progressive high fashion and not over the top. And the colours are just so mesmerizing …..



salvatore fancello says:

Ok ochi ala scielta che fate Buona passeggiata atutte voi

Am Love You I Am Caval says:

Yes Two Sex Model New Colletion MEDI IN 2020 Potter DNA Movie Fashiont´s CINE Idiomus World .

Fernando says:

Thank you Mr. Armani. Elegance with a modern twist has not been seen from any other designer for a long time!

Mila Mila says:

Elle donne une touche mature à ce défilé, Ai Tominaga…

J Nelsimpson says:

Love how the models in this show are looking relaxed and beautiful, not angry .

LittleFuzzyMonster says:

am i the only one who found a lot of these kinda boring?

Ainomira Ilario says:

it's time models begin to look like people again instead of robots. Why the make up if they look totally miserable and bored to death?

Martina McDonald says:

Beautiful clothes beautiful colours well done mr. A

daisy Gracie Mar says:


Noelia Beatriz Scotti says:

Armani maravilloso como siempre, los hombres muy ridículos y la actitud zombie de lis modelos es tonta.

Larissa Lora says:

Oh, what a Delicious Cocktail!!! Thank You very much, Sir GIORGIO ARMANI!!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Alicia Brookins says:

Love the modern type/ ethnic type pillbox shape hat. Where could one purchase that ?

light says:

he is the best

John Edwards says:

This is cruise wear? Looks like every day Armani fashion.

Andrew Corcoran says:

Omg fierce pussy. I died

Catherine Malian says:


Catherine Malian says:


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