Giorgio Armani – 2017/2018 Fall Winter Men’s Fashion Show

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This season, Giorgio Armani is working on classics, evolving codes to define an idea of elegance tuned-in to the present, but rich with heritage.

Texture and silhouette are the key elements of Giorgio Armani’s research: the body, with its individual, unique beauty, is enhanced by the clothes of the new collection.

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peter marbuns says:

wow..amazing show

ABG1983 says:

Very nice collection!

Oleg Krylov says:

на третей минуте хороший выход

Leilane Grant says:

Armani is, in my opinion, the best fashion brand for men.
Their pieces are really classy and sexy. A man in armani is everything a woman dream about when it comes to appearance of course

Dav Apar says:

they look like the have an illness

игорь Клинков says:

what is the name of female model 0:23?


Stunning! As always! <3

Niker1 says:

Like alwayse AMAZING! Thank you Maestro!

Jojo Putra says:

so expensive look ???

Porschedude8 says:

Interesting materials and textures…

ean tabaday says:

My bae opened the show!! ??

Hazel Mae Casas says:

jordy baan

Ed Pitman says:

Innovative use of casual fabrics under more formal jackets – I love the references to his historical work too…..

ildarhamitow says:

nice collection but makeup of models is too pale

pietr11 says:

whats the name of this songs, pleas?

Luis H says:

El más grande, Maestro Giorgio Armani. ??

Rafi Rahman says:

another great collection

Priyadarshan Pulikkal says:

stylish collection

Jamila Bakkioui says:


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