Giorgio Armani – 2015 Spring Summer Womenswear Collection

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T Todd says:

I admire more of Armani shows in 2010/11 and the couture line, giving more possibility for the combination between each item, to create interesting total looks. Of course this is just in terms of the show.

anna sangiorgio says:

Sei il Genio in assoluto! Re Giorgio rimarrai sempre il numero 1!!

Abhiudey Shivam says:

Mr. Armani has an elegant Signature style which is ripened by his profound sense of elegance and sobriety.

sky yeo says:

The best designer ? Well, guess he ran out of ideas. These clothings looked gloomy and old fashioned and nothing new !

nino tataradze says:

perfekt bravo giorgio

Румена Димитрова says:

Fine, this is the best designer ever BUTH MOST OF THEM ARE LIKE PIJAMAS and the summer and spring colors have to be bright ! Why this is so…. Like this ?

cristina diaz says:

loved the all collection

Nicole Li says:

i really love the background electronic music. anybody knows who's the dj/producer who did this?

berry nutter says:

IL DUCE, a  most enjoyable  and inspiring collection .You  swept the continents for  inspiration. The pale representation degrades the collection.Africia.,Mongolia,Central Asia were strong influences in your collection but were not reflected in your choice of models.J'accuse.

Luminous Mystery says:

The colour palette is beautifully calm – so refreshing after the horror story of Moschino

Rosa Vargas says:

Fantastic Giorgio Armani!!! Bravo you are so belle <3 art suyas .

mariic2 says:

4 people aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiin't havin' that shit!

Motrizzia says:

Ohhhhh! Giorgiohhhh!!!!

Motrizzia says:

Ohhhhh! Giorgiohhhh!!!!

Ernesto J Umaña says:

Bravissimo Signor Armani!!!!!! So clean, so sharp, so elegant, ethereal. Sumptuous.

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