Giorgio Armani – 2013 Spring Summer – Menswear Collection

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A different design concept transforms ordinary sportswear, imbuing it with a new elegance that goes beyond traditional ideas about clothing by standardising fabrics, finishes and function. an elegance that is a reflection of sportsmanship as an attitude, something that is appropriate throughout the entire day, from morning until evening.

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Bob Jansen Dela Serna says:

best walk ive seen 1:44

TheLonelyAdmin says:

0:36 who's that model in the middle?

ibrahim çelik says:

Müzikler harika

Grant Ritchie says:

Awesome Giorgio! Amazing music too! Need the name of that last one!!

SEVIMAJO jv says:

elegancia y sport a la vez…¡¡¡¡  absolutamente maravilloso Armani !!! y es que estos modelos lo lucen todo bien y ¡¡ no hay ninguno feo !!!

Maria L says:

Apresentaçao  de Cherubins Piccole para Caserna Intercontinental da Holanda do Miguel Arcao/Arcanjo.

Stephanie R. says:

They're so attractive?

F andy says:

just love this collection

zmarcin says:

Giorgio z Garbarni

Walker Ale says:

Fucken good man

ahoymx says:

last song please¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡?

avacos21 says:

3:17 Song ID please!?

Coco21001 says:

Oh my god ….Love it 

Ramin says:

what's with the pleated pants?

wellington lessa says:


Rafi Rahman says:

Armani's fashion shows always have the best music holy shit

Blackwiz says:

there are 3 total black guys. I tried really hard to count them. hahaha

krishna mak says:

i luv armani

prixmgify says:

Simon Nessman!!!

Leo Mendoza says:


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