Giorgio Armani – 2013 Fall Winter – Womenswear Collection

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It’s a way of living, and interpreting femininity – the kind of independent spirit that ignores conformism and all that is commonplace. It’s an autonomous way of dressing and mixing pieces, a personal attitude to pairing accessories, that defines a particular style and character.

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barpaza says:


Billy Anderson says:

loved every minute of it!  brilliant!

Cristianooportugal says:

Where can I find this version of touch and go tango? Anyone thanks 

Cristianooportugal says:

The tango songs are so sexy relaxing anyone know the titles of it please?

Lyudmila Kovalenko says:

Grazie Maestro!

Claire M says:

I think about Marlene Dietrich…1930's… love the collection.

Jake Mai says:

The songs are so Lovely good to relax to

DLA LAD says:

wats the song that starts at 10:00 and the goes till the end of the show??

Garçon Aussiize says:

Simina Grigoriu – Boondocks

fashionrebel05 says:

Then You have NOT Seen Much…..

Kjadija Kassa says:

excellent collection

Mubashshirin Shaikh says:

ARMANI………the best brand I've ever seen!!!

Timothy Kiah says:

Loved the collection

Garçon Aussiize says:

Libertango – Sharon Shannon & Kirsty MacColl
Tango With the Wind – Haik Solar and Arni Rock
Tango in Harlem – Touch and Go
Tango – Green Point Orchestra
Tango to Evora – Consoul Trainin’ & Pink Noisy
Narigdon – Melingo
Diferente – Gotan Project
I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango) – Grace Jones

GeorgeThanasiadis says:

Track list please?

lavieonrose1 says:

hmmm. rather sedate

pietr11 says:

whats name of this songs, pleas? 

HelaTheCat says:

just awesome *__*

Ana Maria Karlo Staud says:

I put the earrings , I wear similarly ….

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