Giorgio Armani – 2013 Fall Winter – Menswear Collection

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A strong and precise image. No flirtatiou s provocation s that often
Amount to little more than sly trickery. Clean and essential styling that
Portra ys a virile man, defined by outerwear with a broad silhouette
And trousers with a clean cut.

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happycanadianguy says:

I love Armani but where would u wear most of these clothes. Ralph Lauren is much more wearable in my opinion

sunkkist says:

Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, confident, alluring, strong, virile, masculine… An absolute triumph for Armani. How can I track down these looks and pieces…

R Stan says:

I loved how masculine the clothes are. I wish more designers would celebrate masculinity instead of trying to kill it in men's fashion.

Peter Rothschild says:

Great soundtrack!

Mr. P says:

If I had to chose only one designer, who could make clothes from would be Giorgio Armani. The man is the best we have.

Alan Ramon says:

¡Hermosas predas!.

Ramin says:

this is superior to all others, so manly

Duskayame says:

Whose the model at 1:27??

Carlos Amezcua says:

2:40 name model ???

kizamitsuki72 says:

I'm going to play this music in loop all day long.

鈴木裕司 says:


Farukh says:

Thank you so very much ! Merci beaucoup, merci d'avoir pris le temps d'écrire les titres des chansons, très gentil de ta part, j'espère que tu parles français afin de comprendre ce commentaire 😉

prixmgify says:

OMG!!! I saw Marlon teixeira there 😮

Marzan Worldwide says:

@ 1:51 the hit man look… @ 3:20 cool but wtf is up with the giant purses! I

estephanno dhifernesse says:

wowo, grâce à tous l'équipe qui fait possible que l'entreprise armani est toujours la meilleure!! merci armani par cette belle collection 2013-14 que je suis facinado. je pars à dubai et plusieurs tes dessins plairont je t'aime. comme je modèle je te donne merci. ahhh le cd de la musique je facina. jejeje merci…..thanks my good friends, gracias a todos los amo. molto grazie a tutti….

Alexander Ramos says:

Janice Fronimakis so f*ckn handsome!!!

Garçon Aussiize says:

'Ishmael' by Nicolas Jaar
Will Epstein & Dave Harrington
'Sunset Adventure' (original mix) by Tvardovsky
'Paris is for Lovers – My Love' (feat Tomas Hoffding) by Terranova
'Geffen' by Barnt
'In D (Remix By Spitzer)' by Arandel

I love me says:

I want all of them :'(

aryo sudarmaji says:


John Marston says:

I want jacket at 6 13

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