Gianni Versace’s Fall 1992 "Miss S&M" Show – #TBT With Tim Blanks –

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It was incredibly bold—and aggressively sexual. Gianni Versace’s Fall 1992 show might have looked like a fetishist’s dream—Versace himself called it "Miss S&M"—but it was as intellectually stimulating as it was physically provocative. Tim Blanks explores the collection’s deeper meanings.

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Gianni Versace’s Fall 1992 "Miss S&M" Show – #TBT With Tim Blanks –

Starring: Tim Blanks and Gianni Versace

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Aisea Konrote says:

This Collection was Bold &.Beautiful.

These Critics are really Critters.

Jessica Can says:

They wished he didn’t succeed but he did indeed. They still wear those cloths today in 2019 and more years to come.

AmI Annoying says:

These ladies were all so beautiful to watch in shows . No Bella Hadid emotionally constipated 24/7 face ever during this era.

Ash Cuckum says:

What the fuck is a sex object???? Humans have sex. Objects do not have sex.

Zauva says:

What is the name of the song in the beginning

Julio Hernandez says:

Funny how that is so now today

cz says:

"He's not going to sell a single item of clothing". she got that right…

Slick Monique says:

No 80's fashion on YT. Looking for it, but where is it?!

Slick Monique says:

Aids? Aids had been virtually forgotten by 1992. Aids was a thing in the 80's.

PatisserieBoy says:

Proves that people like Suzy Menkes don't know everything.

Sebastian Wendel says:

Versace was so much on the top …

Alex says:

i can't stand suzy menkes OR tim blanks!! oh my god!!!! uuughgh

SEL MOON says:


InstaGlam says:

All I can say is this is when fashion was at its peak Versace always put on a good show !

giocurve says:

At the finale with Versace walking and the supermodels behind him… Yes Linda and Christy were there but for some reason I cant stop looking at Yasmeen Ghauri. I just don't know why she didn't get as much recognition as the Trinity. She is super stunning and she is one of the few exotic supermodel during that era that really stood out. She and Naomi I think had the fiercest walk of all time.

Ricky Chen says:

now balmain is trying so hard to be this versace collection lmao they could never

Julianna Tazzo says:

Suzy Menkes is so cocky. She thinks she's the master of fashion. Haha this collection changed fashion forever!

Tomas Andrew says:

These critics… FOOLS!

Kristian K. Soriano says:

1:47 Yasmeen Ghauri tho!!! Yeeeaaah!!

Michelle V says:

I had pulled all the ads out of the magazines and put them on my wall. Other girls had band posters, I had Versace ads!!! Lol

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