“Gianni Versace” Fashion Show Autumn Winter 1991 1992 Milan Fashion Week Pret a Porter Women 1 of 3

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Gianni Versace” Fashion Show Autumn Winter 1991 1992 Milan Fashion Week Pret a Porter Women 1 of 3

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yupperoonies says:

What's up with the song change.

véronique fournier says:

On ne défile plus en se dandinant comme ça;

véronique fournier says:

C'était l'époque où les models ressemblaient a de vraies femmes, aujourd'hui on dirait des zombies anorexiques

mr. pippossin says:

Linda, absolutamente divina!

ayy y says:


TheFever77 says:

Christy had the most gorgeous ass. 

Renee Arveen says:

The  #supermodel  

SukaMusikBanget says:

OMG!! FInally, it's here now! the legendary Versace show! Linda! Cindy! Naomi! Claudia!! Ooooh seeing these supermodels brings back great memories !!

Mariano Bula says:

those bad girls

jabaris says:

Schiffer good face good body that walk is shit

Long Pham Duc says:

what this second song?

Claudia Dash says:

Can you tell me the title of the second song, please?

Roxana Nadolska says:

claudia schiffer walks so weird.. o.O

annie sing says:

i wonder what they(people who lead fashion) had in mind so those waif "models" ever and still consist in fashion world…androgynous faces along with skin and bones,what esthetics could we find?doesn't fashion means beauty?!

Villu666 says:

they were slim but they had shapes and boobs! nowadays top models look like a fuckin zombies.. skin and bones nothing more. that freaks me out ;[

martinoblond says:

wow they were perfection!

SEL MOON says:


Lilia96 says:

Words cannot express how thrilled I am to finally see this. Been waiting so long. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. xxxx

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