“Gianni Versace” Autumn Winter 1991 1992 Milan 3 of 3 pret a porter woman by FashionChannel

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“Gianni Versace” Autumn Winter 1991 1992 Milan 3 of 3 pret a porter woman by FashionChannel

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MsDNA100 says:

Back when models were actually pretty and knew how to walk with grace and sex appeal.

S. Y. says:

What a time in fashion… the models, the dresses, Gianni's genius <3

K Sykes says:

Linda.. reminding us why she wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day back then 😉 fierce.

Mara Love says:

Un genio Gianni Amo esos looks y diseños me encanta todo

giocurve says:

Yasmeen Ghauri and Naomi Campbell were the runway highlights here..

Holma Runter says:

0:48 the music seems to be the "hotline bling" sample. how iconic

Marie V. says:

Models were all beautiful and healthy.

Gabriel Carrasco says:

Hermosa pasarela ❤sigo la linea de perfumes aca en.chile no venden trajes de versace pero aun asi logre conprar una hermosa polera y los perfumes los amo siguiendo la linea versace y a donatella❤

dahenable says:

Linda evangelistaaaa…… 😘

Love Your Ride says:

Our fav supermodels x

SUHO artist says:

these were more than a fashion show. it was like a collision of iconic images. this is so like Marylin Monroe of Warhol's pop



C L says:

this is when supermodel fees made international news. great era.

Maria Latukhina says:

When models were goddesses.

Gigi Hadid says:

I think curvy models of the 90s is a myth created by fat girls seeking validation. Models back then were as skinny as models today lol.

BellaPinkyPoppy 62 says:

all are men, trannies

michele visconti says:

che belle…

blackspace007 says:

Also I like how the models were a healthy looking slim, not emaciated.  I want that look to come back out.

blackspace007 says:

WOW.  Just WOW!!  One, the style than could hold up now.  I was like 17 and not into high fashion than, but I look back and am so impressed.  Gianni Versace had some serious vision and style, and was before his time.  The make up and styling of the models is impeccable.  I had to rewind their walk out a couple of times, like "Beech you are so bad."  Just gorgeous

missisfreddiemercury says:

Linda and Christy … the most beautiful ones. I want Christy`s hairstyle

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