Giambattista Valli | Haute Couture | Spring/Summer 2019

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Evelyn Sand says:

What is the point of a dimly lit room? It does'nt look good and the details of the clothes are lost

jorge arteaga says:

Let’s start with the shoes ,, Wrong shoes,, couture ?,, not really,, I don’t see the difference between his ready to wear collection and this couture collection, missing many things, glamour? Maybe, or was too dark to see it, I was there and didn’t like at all, sorry

Calendargirl007 says:

Something is wrong with the floor…it's lovely & shiny but it looks cushiony & makes the models walk funny!

Jhana Moreno says:

One model fell down causes the traffic at the end.


Too much fabrics…i don’t like so many meters of textiles spread out

Yureyska Figueredo says:

Love all the pieces ,but gurrrrrrl need to change a few models , some of them were almost falling. Next time higher quality on models please other then that the show was amazing 💗💗

Mojo Jojo says:

Do not wear look no. 1 crossing the road! You won’t be able to see if there is any cars coming from your right.

Ms. Marvelous says:

There's a POINT where AMAZINGLY CREATIVE and Bizarre meet. Revisit your collection and decide where you crossed the Line of Haute Couture Brilliance, in some instances, but hovered too long in Gauche Design Territory, in others.

Michael 2019 says:


Anum Qazi says:

Amazing Collection

tHankYou NexT says:

Giambatista is really popular in asia

Red Bear Nita says:

Amazing collection, but man, a lot of the models really struggled in this show haha Some were tripping in those heels, one I believe looks like she lost one of her heels, a couple tripped on the clothes, and a few just looked terrified. Poor things haha

Maria Magdalena Duran Ceccopieri says:

Very glamours collection.
Congratulations 💝👄💄👝👗👜👓📿👒👠

Regina Brown says:

Beautiful clothes, but where are people going to wear them?

Fly by night says:

Beautiful collection. Very Ralph&Russo

Lise Levesque says:

Objets sexuels en tout temps en tout lieu en tout moment

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