Giambattista Valli | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Giambattista Valli | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 by Giambattista Valli | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – Paris/France)

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Armando C says:

name of the song 2:45, please?

Phillip Palana says:

Watching this show and the dresses is like being asked how one knows it's porn. You know it when you see one!!!

Felix Ferrer says:

Love the first look and the pink dress…

Quinn Coleman says:

This looks like swamp miu miu

Wanda Cordero says:

SO MANY Tulle AND feathers…AND Tulle…AND…feathers! I get lost…in a maze!

Оксана Гамеева says:

В тренде

cheong728 says:

I turned off the sound. Oh the lovely clothes !

Donna Schur says:

How many birds died for this mess? Those shoes look like boudoir slippers

Lorelei says:

Tacky and disturbed on so many levels.

3curb says:

The Title of this Video should be…Giambattista Valli auditions for Dior…then Chanel…and finally for Fendi

marcos gonza says:

interesante. pero… las plumas no fueron de dos temporadas atrás?

Michael Neira says:

Hola Sr. Giambattista Valli lo felicito por su enorme trabajo "couture" quisiera pedir para su próximo desfile de haute couture si me puede invitar a su desfile quisiera estar en 1era. Fila para apoyarlo con un Gran Aplauso .

Lenovo Lenovo says:


aja drew says:

4:07 she's so gorgeous!! Does anyone know her name?😍

Elizabeth A Daly says:

Nope not doing it for Me 😕

tina363 says:

Some of the clothes are stunning. What was the idea behind the collection?

Ralmain Glam says:

Such a gorgeous collection I’m so in love

Rishon Hislop says:

Come to Dior!!!!!!!

Η Σταρ Ελλας της καρδιάς ορίτζιναλ. says:

Πάλι μερικά από τα ρούχα μου ραψατε για του χρόνου?Σας ευχαριστώ .Με τη μουσική τι λέει?

Drouin Johnny says:


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