Giambattista Valli – Autumn / Winter 18 Haute Couture Panel Discussion

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Mimma Viglezio is joined by Deborah Milner and Grace Woodward to unpick the Giambattista Valli A/W 18 show. Live Tuesday July 3 11:00 BST

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OTO says:


DorianBeige says:

Love the discussion, as always, but it's super depressing to hear how impossible it seems to even imagine a show with a greater diversity of body sizes/shapes. Are we seriously just stuck showing fashion on sample sizes forever because everyone believes that the problem lies somewhere beyond their own control? I get that it's a complex, broad, systemic problem, but individuals or brands using that as a reason to never try anything themselves beyond the existing system or to never try making any small effort towards causing change is tragic.

Rui Barros says:

I wanna fight the person responsible for the audio

Malorie Shmyr says:

I enjoyed the panel discussion! I was very excited to see that Giambattista Valli was chosen for discussion. Giambattista Valli fulfills my ultra feminine and dreamy desires of fashion. While I love androgyny, strong shoulders and more "edgy" ect. in fashion (of course!), I also love knowing I can reply on his collections to get something very feminine and beautiful.

I hope one day I can put on something as fluffy as his dress's and just twirl around. <3 .

Uber Glamazon says:

Mimma and Roseanna thank goodness you are back together again!

mzChocoSensualHedbob says:

What does Rihanna being a size 16 got to do with the fact that like that lady said, if a ‘normal sized’ woman wanted a high end couture dress and could afford it, they will have it made for her and tailor it to her body shape and size?

Marcia Brady says:

Thank you for this. I love fashion but have no one to talk about it, is good to see different opinions

Joshua Parris says:

Patiently waiting for the vetements panel

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