Gabrielle, the Quest for Freedom – Inside CHANEL

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“Conquer and constantly reclaim your freedom.
Master your freedom by nurturing it.
Love the moment — the next second, love freedom.”

Watch Chapter 20 of #InsideChanel, “Gabrielle, the Quest for Freedom.” #GabrielleChanel

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CJG says:

i love this stories, i love Chanel.

harry 5113 says:

this series is becoming repetitive and boring

ngzouklove says:

Gabrielle was a working woman, that made her equal to any man.

Oleie says:

Gorgeous and very inspiring.
Chanel is the best!!!

Godmershamgurl29 says:

I find these little films so uplifting.on a very wet grey day in the uk.

Ainsley Ameerali says:

Chanel is the best ….you better believe it

Camila Sánchez says:

omg i love this

Scott Valentine says:

Are these created in-house or from an agency?

Nick Antik says:

this stuff is just so goddamn motivational

Alen Albinovic says:

Be CHANEL, take a freedom.

Lorely Gonzalez says:

love the moment, love the freedom

Joseph Clegg says:

so beautiful and meaningful x

Jeanne Luddeni says:

That's my new motto now

Sylla Atlas says:

That's more how Karl idealizes Chanel, and certainly made Chanel to what it is today, even if it is purely commercial and not art

Otto Roessler Filho says:

before 1000 I love gabrielle chanel.

Gustavo Farias says:

"If you born without wings, don't do anything to stop them from growing".

New life motto ❤

fredie Smith fr. says:


Vitor Coimbra says:

Lindo comercial ?????

Lorns Herrera says:

love chanel ❤

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