Gabrielle Chanel – Inside CHANEL

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A woman becomes a legend. In Chapter 7 of Inside CHANEL, Gabrielle Chanel makes a triumphant return and impresses her style upon the world. Nearly half a cen…

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andthatswhenisaid says:


Michael Gillespie says:

Um…did we forget that Coco Chanel was a Nazi?

kgh9968 says:

Splendid and visually intriguing!
I wonder who could make a video more beautiful than this in century.
I give a big applause to the maker of this video.

aviasoundsystem says:

the music is from Avia, “Chambord”. Hear it on Soundcloud…

aviasoundsystem says:

the music is Avia “Chambord”. Hear it on Soundcloud…

Zaraah T says:

Music please ?

LaluCrazy says:

Coco chanel inspires me in so many ways! i love her elegance, her unique way of style, her personality! Coco will always inspire me and everyone who look up to her. Her designs keep me from making my dreams happen, like hers, she kept on moving forward and so will I! Lalu Loves Coco.

татьяна гельфельд says:

Спасибо ей за то , что она была на этой земле!!!!!!!!

Katie Marie says:

There is a chapter 8 that was just posted! It’s with Karl 🙂 No worries!

Adray07 says:

It’s more like the art of Picasso in French

Mohammed Fouzan says:

Once upon a time…

JJ TT says:

Once Upon a Time Gabrielle Chanel Collaborated with the NAZIS and Was a Jew-Hating NAZI SPY

xXDashieArmyXx says:

i love this video ^_^

nasim vfx says:

طيب والمطلوب ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

bobduvar says:

Picasso wanted to become french but on April, 1940, french authorities refused him french nationality because he was considered as an anarchist.
Until his death he stayed a spanish citizen qpending mostly his whole life in France.
Anyway who cares if he was spanish or whatever ! Picasso was a genius european ! His works are universal and timeless like Coco Chanel !
Chanel customers are american, eastern asians and without american customers Chanel would be nothing !
A genius ignores borders !

dimanchozabalet says:

i can’t listen for playlists because of this stuped advert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emmanuel was just here says:

You should never give up on something that where you see a need, brings more life..Even after your seventy years old and are tired from the war. Sounds far fetched, but that is the only type of commitment that will make your dreams into reality.And the business professionals will always be there to put you down, you can count on that.

Nicolas Cano says:


Nimo Kimani says:

Yes but Picasso moved to France and did a lot of his work there. He had a HUGE influence in Paris

bill nye says:

He talks of Picasso’s influence on Paris, which was pretty huge

Sergey Yakovets says:

Интересная история

Gabriella Beatrice says:

The only add I actually WANTED to watch. This is inspiring.

Ked zz says:

is it weird that I felt really sad for Gabrielle Chanel?

Anajbcanovas says:

Lagerfeld is german. 😉

Anajbcanovas says:

Picasso was spanish!

Zora Barnett says:

More more

Anaphat Suphannarat says:

she said “3 names will be remain” she not mention anything about Picasso nationality 🙂

Shady Niks says:

Music ?

Dasha B says:


anologia says:

i think i’m going to cry stop it chanel just stop

anneorshine says:

Picasso spent a great deal of his life in France. This was a beautiful series. Must. Continue. Making. Them.

ilovebeinagirl says:

But maybe she just never used her two pinky fingers! 😛

ilovebeinagirl says:

At first I thought she said “aged” too, just because it made more sense, but I listened to it about 5 times and it sounds like “eight”, but I said I’m going to find the French version and see what she says there to be sure.

PrFashionBeauty says:


Tayyaba Saeed says:

i think it was more that he will be remembered in France as a great artist..not that he is french

Elmer Verstraaten says:

But he lived and died in France

Elmer Verstraaten says:

I suppose the line was meant to be “aged fingers”, but I hear eight as well…

ilovebeinagirl says:

Did she say “working the fabric with her eight fingers”? What was she doing with the other 2?

lavi tyagi says:

He spent a lot of years of his life in France, infact he died there !

letmeknow96 says:

so it’s end? nooo

Agathe Wander says:

He lived in Paris at that. Near montmartre. But maybe you doesn’t really understand english. It doesn’t says that Picasso was french, it says that three names of this time marked french history.

Lucía Guerra says:

Me encanto. Ojala no fuera el último 🙁

mehrez satouri says:

he passed his whole life in france

villalpandp says:

Que hermoso. Amo a COCO CHANEL!

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