Friday Haul~ Kurt Geiger Vince AG Splendid Dior Chanel

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Happy Friday! xoxo Lisa Manolo Blahnik Event @ Saks Raleigh, NC 919-792-9100 September 12th 12-3 …

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TheBeautyGPS says:

Oh I wish I lived near Raleigh! That sounds like so much fun!! Birthdays are so much fun! Here’s to your best year ever. xoxo

docswife34 says:

Happy Birthday Lisa!!!!!

muitisbar says:


GlammieTee says:

I wish I lived close enough to go to your event 🙁 hope you had a wonderful Birthday 🙂

Deb Sims says:

Love all your birthday goodies! Love you!

carrierossman says:

I think you’d love the Piko shirts! They look amazing with skinny jeans or jeggings. A lot of boutiques carry them and they are really inexpensive!!! I love them! They have long and short sleeve

rayannecampbell says:

AG Jeans are my absolute favorite. You’ll love the leggings! 🙂 And Splendid is my other go to brand- I have that black Splendid roll up shirt in many colors. It’s fabulous and a great staple! Love your style- inspiration for new purchases! 🙂 Enjoy!

carrierossman says:

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope you had a great one! I love OPIs Pompei Purple, my all time favorite hand/toe color…China Glazes’ dupe is Limbo Bimbo.

Louise Lowe says:

I love that Dior eyeshadow! I’m in the UK and we don’t have them here yet but I’m keeping my eye peeled 🙂

Salome Elizabeth says:

Many Happy Returns of the Day!! x You also have an amazing memory to remember all those names of the lipsticks and collections. 😀

Yee Yee L says:

Love that new Prada L’eau perfume! It’s on my to get list which will be very soon! <3 Love it much more than the original. Bestie already said it reminded her of me. lol! Now I really know its a me scent. Those are seriously some sexy heels from Kurt Geiger! Perfect for any occasion!

Yee Yee L says:

I love seeing your hair this darker blonde! Looks great on you. TiffanyD also did her hair darker which looks amazing on her too! I love it on both of you! Seems to just be much more flattering! I so need to check out those Chanel cream blushes. They have been getting good feedback! Just love your t-shirt! Such a playful way to use a designer logo. You’ve got some sweet and thoughtful gifts! 🙂 Small things are always awesome just as much as their counterpart.

BeverlyHillsBarB says:

The Hydraluron is a cheap alternative but feels very greasy by comparison to Chanel Hydra Serum. If you can afford it, go with Chanel. 

Ricczbeauty Blabber says:

LOVING your hair!!!

LisaLisaD1 says:

That all sounds so nice!! My room is small, but I am trying to declutter, I LOVE big framed mirrors, too!! Thank you! xoxo Lisa

LisaLisaD1 says:

Neat!! Thank you so much, I love stuff like that!! xoxo Lisa

LisaLisaD1 says:

Thank you so much, Iman!! Love~Lisa

obxNicole says:

Happy Birthday! Mine was Aug 31 (Saturday). We were @ the OBX for the weekend so I didn’t get to watch your video until now. Love the JS shoes and the black sling back heels as well!

Amber M says:

Love the darker blonde on you…lovely

LizaMTL says:

I need to get my hands on that Dior bag! thanks for sharing. Happy bday Lisa!!! Xo

Joy Griekspoor says:

Happy Belated Birthday Lisa. Hope it was wonderful!

Imanthepeep says:

Happy Birthday to the sweetest most adorable Lisa that God ever created:) we love you and we wish you and your beautiful family the best, I am still in Egypt , but my heart is with you and celebrating with you, love and kisses, Iman

Beth Pineau says:

43 and wow! Have a great day!

skess94 says:

I saw a photo of Kate Mosswearing shoes like those Kurt Geigers. She was wearing faded jeans a black tshirt gray jacket and a black and white scarf.

1andonlyMonique says:

Happy belated Birthday Lisa!

muitisbar says:

Oh and don’t for get a gorgeous grand floor mirror…

muitisbar says:

OH the room! You should get a beautiful chandelier, damask like wall paper or maybe even black and creme striped accent wall, a chaise, some beautiful chairs and shoe shelves a gorgeous vanity… and on and on… like your very own boutique store, everyday could be an adventure in your wardrobe! If you need some inspiration you could google some 🙂

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