Friday Haul~ Burberry ByTerry Tom Ford Chanel

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Happy, Happy Friday!! Thank you for watching and all of your comments! Love~Lisa Ulta is having an even today (Saturday 10/12) for Breast Cancer~ for a $10 d…

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MissyBMT says:

You are pure JOY Lisa! xoxo

Terrie Treasure says:

And yes Love the extensions !! So happy they invented those lol

Terrie Treasure says:

Lisa last year you posted a long sweater cardigan that had buttons on it it was super flattering !! Could you send me the name brand if you can remember it was a long sweater that went to the knees buttons

Kristin Gehm says:

Feeling the need to get Burberry Chestnut! Shoot I was just in Nordy’s yesterday! lol Happy Sunday! xo Kristin

Katie Plamondon says:

I’ve never had a problem with your lighting or camera!!!! I love that its just you and a camera no fancy stuff distracting us from you!!!!

Robyn H says:

You have to get pink dusk lipstick by Tom Ford 🙂
Even better than Spanish Rose

erroy719 says:

I just love the dialogue and your beautiful personality!! Thank you Lisa 🙂 you make me smile!

heartsnicky says:

Please do one on your tan x

jalapena2007 says:

You look gorgeous. I called Nordstrom yesterday to try to get the english rose lipstick and a few shadows. All sold out. Ahh!! :O Oh well, guess I have to be patient. Not my best quality when it comes to makeup. And you don’t help me in that regard either, missy. Just kidding, I love ya. XOXO Heidi

cathyinto says:

Hey Lisa 🙂 I’m so glad that you’re back!!  I also just got back from a trip to NYC, and before I even checked my emails, I checked YT to see if you had popped in. So I’ve just watched both of your videos and oh my gosh, have you gotten some great stuff lately! So exciting that you gave me a *shout-out* lol. But I knew you’d like the By Terry lipstick; it’s completely fabulous ♥ And Chanel Frivole was actually my go-to blush this past summer. It gives such a pretty, fresh look 🙂 XOXO Cathy

dyaneskingdom says:

Yeayyy my favorite video of the week <3

Shelly Block says:

Lisa I am a picky person (I am an artist so visuals are important to me) NOT ONCE have I ever thought one of you videos is worth complaining about what is wrong with people? you’re the girl friend who lives next door sharing her goodies! thoughts! ideas! pay no attention to the moaners! x shelly

lorunv says:

I’m sure she buys all this stuff with whatever revenue she makes from her videos and her blog, it’s like a self-funding hobby. I think that’s awesome, keep doing what makes you happy, Lisa :)

Zhenya Gracheva says:

makeup collection please:)

briarpatch2009 says:

I recently spent 10 quid on a birth certificate for a guy who died 150 years ago. It was for the genealogy that I do as MY hobby. Someone else (my hubby, lol) might be aghast at spending money on something I’m going to stick in a file. But I was as excited as a child when it came in the mail. Another piece to the puzzle. No need to explain or apologize. Do what makes YOU happy, and if someone doesn’t like it, bollocks to ’em! XXX

briarpatch2009 says:

Girl, just brush off the haters. I love your videos, a lot of us do. It’s like chatting with a girlfriend, and I look forward to every one. Lots of love to you XXX

Rocky Barragan says:

That lip gloss you picked up at the medspa sounds interesting. I know I need to do something with these two pieces of licorice that look like they just landed on my face. Actually licorice is probably plumper than my lips. Sigh.

You look gorgeous as usual. Hope you’re having a fun weekend!
<3 Rocky

Kris V says:

I ordered Heroine from Sephora and I quite like it, but for $20.00 for a single shadow I was expecting it to be more pigmented- still a nice color, but it needs to be built up.

Dwightinho56 says:

I have the Chanel Frivole, it is from the summer collection 2013, and I love it. It looked particularily pretty this summer when I had a nice tan.

TLsGlamChan says:

Oh I almost forgot. I picked up a Marc Jacobs lipstick in Strange Magic 102. I think you would enjoy it! Xo luv ya Taralyn

TLsGlamChan says:

LISA!!!!!!! Watching you is so dangerous for my wallet! So many new things to try…. But I love it. Thanks for giving me some new products for brows! Man I tell yah, I feel like I am in a brow crisis! Lol Xo Taralyn

mstracitrent says:

Hi Lisa, what is the color of your siscily lip liner? It’s really pretty on you!

VforVanity10 says:

There are so many recommendations here on YT and especially on your channel, Lisa. So many great things I want to try. Where only can I get so much money to try it all out? ;D . Well, I’ve kind of found a way, I buy almost everything I crave for, used (sometimes new) on Ebay, I’ve saved sooo much money! I only wished some brands were more accessable where I live.

BonnieKay1958 says:

Lisa, I am sending you Southern California sunshine ASAP!!…you are such a sweet true southern belle..I still use the Rachel K, and I still remember your fragrance videos because I needed fragrances that would last on me. You were one who introduced me to Bond 9, Thank You for sitting down on a rainy day in S Carolina and sharing your morning with us!

ahill1420 says:

Maybelline lipgloss In almond crush is sooooo pretty. You would like it. I put it in the center of my bottom lip over lipstick #17 by rimmel. The kate moss one.

yameelake says:

Lisa, I love your accent~

bookerdog1234 says:

Good luck getting Mulberry. I’ve been waiting three months. It seems to be back ordered forever in Canada.

Cecily Chenault says:

You are absolutely precious! Love love love your accent! 🙂 love your videos!

SuburbHouseWife says:

Miss seeing tutorials

232emma says:

@lisalisad1 thx. They are beautiful, but I won’t get enough use out of them. I live in flats and wedges LOL.

melissa pintone says:

Lisa can you a tutorial using Burberry cosmetics???

Magg Seb says:

You are so lucky to be able to sell the things you don’t want anymore. I’m not.

roxxanish2 says:

Oops just correcting my last comment … I meant to say we can figure out the swatches and shades for ourselves

roxxanish2 says:

Hi Lisa 🙂 …. Just want to add my two cents …. So many of your subbies just love your Friday videos and we enjoy just spending the time with you and girl talk… I have purchased many of your recommendations and have shared with others (ie. co workers). Don’t sweat the lighting we can figure out the lighting for ourselves

Kathy McCoy says:

Lisa thank you so much for inspiring me today. I needed it-really needed it 🙂 you’re like an antidepressant to me & after ALL these videos I STILL get excited to see yours! Oh you mentioned doing your top high-end products…PLEASE do! In fact consider doing 1-Overall then doing some by category or even brand. I NEED your help! I want to know if something fabulous is available!! Btw of COURSE you love beautiful young Tayler =) me too! I found her while back & I think she’s great! hugs, Kat

Katdavi1 says:

Lisa,I am on my 3rd large bottle of the Oscar Blani heat protectant. I’ve tried the Tigi S Factor, the Alterna one, among many. This is by far the bet.

Amber Chantelle says:

Makeup geeks corrupt black eyeshadow is by far the blackest black shadow available. High end or low end

BeautyByMelany says:

I always enjoy watching your hauls, you have such great taste!! I am dying to pick up some new burberry shadows, I’m going to NY in a couple weeks, and will have to check out ”Chesnut” that one looks gorgeous! You look beautiful as always 🙂 New subbie!

volmel55 says:

You know, lisa, those Boutique 9 Milana are affordable shoes but look very expensive. I really do like them a lot. I think I might get them:)

OneMakeupGirl says:

Have you tried Casablanca by Tom Ford?!? I love it!!

OneMakeupGirl says:

Have you tried Casablanca by Tom Ford?!? I love it!!

loveofkittys says:

Hi Lisa, This is the first time I’ve commented since I subscribed awhile ago. I am a bit older than most, but I am a girl and still enjoy looking pretty. I love all of your videos and have learned so much. You are so sweet and thank you for all the time you put into making these videos for us. I hope someday I can meet you. xoxo

volmel55 says:

I have the Kate Spade shoes on my wish list for Christmas *fingers crossed*

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