Freja Beha Erichsen for Georg Jensen – Interview

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Visit us Georg Jensen’s new global brand campaign was shot in New York by Sebastian Faena under the creative dir…

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thrynclair says:

come on, don’t waste your energy criticizing someone who’s being positive. if she’s perfect to her then she’s perfect to her, and you’re not one to tell them otherwise.

jaiinny25 says:

What’s the brand of the rings? please

HumanMannequin says:

im sorry but girls who say this sound so juvenile and annoying. she isn’t perfect. you can be awesome, attractive, interesting, without being perfect. make up another word, its getting trite.

Shanti Goupil says:

wahhh i wanna be that skinny

shelbielynnVEVO says:

I adore her androgynous appearance

Gustavo Zepeda says:

Her voice is lovely!

vanesplace says:

I’m lesbian for her!

KrejzolskieFilmy says:

She is my inspiration. I’m also kind of non-classical beauty with some ‘shrap’ facials. Freja shows, that you don’t have to be beautiful like the Venus Goddess, but ypu can also find something inspiring and incredible in original looks.
Love U Freja :3

Francesko263 says:

She’s beautiful :)))

Thevioletdreams says:

” It’s pretty simple you just have to walk” 🙂 LOVE Freja

Tierra Ruth says:

She does look like Jimmy, never noticed that.

oelergodt says:

She looks like one of the the survivors in the pictures from Auschwitz.
She could be beautiful, but like this… she isn’t.

saybowiebasquait says:

Does anyone know what track’s playing the last?

ShesCorinnaIngenleuf says:

Freja Beha Erichsen will always be my first and favourite model, she truly the most perfect and coolest girl to ever exist.

Blahblahbox1 says:

she kinda looks like jimmy hendrix, lovely

fshhhi says:

anybody knows, what music plays at 1:43 ?

fairshoulders06 says:

She is an inspiration!

s79w says:

youre the best

Cory Evans says:

Oh hey, they added some dupstep within this interview. How artistic.

nesqualomimocho says:

lol her fingers are so thin the rings fall right off! She’s brilliant though

Jeromos9 says:

model agents are pimps?

seventeentimeslucky says:

She is so beautiful! Love her chilled style!

emergencyexit16 says:

That’s exactly why her walk is as stiff as it is.

candyshop2000 says:

oh every where i go models always say they never thought of modeling in their life.

okinee0704 says:

i love freja,,she’s so perfect

johnnyandkatethebest says:

i can die for her, seriously.

cosmicloveforlife says:

I tought she is such a badassss but now i find her really cool and calm, <3

SuperLazarooo says:

In her pictures she looks so dangerous but when she starts talking ohhhmygosh who is she?!?!?

meleah alcantara says:

fuck she’s gorgeous.

bramosiasottil says:

haha its pretty simple you just have to walk hahhaha love her

mekkyfromnowhere says:

freja you are georgeus
love u 4 ever

getgueti says:


starlight739 says:

She is so beautiful. Just gorgeous.

theREALhaiaix3 says:

that’s EXACTLY what i was thinking~

3mm49 says:

shes cuteeeeeeeee

luvdesiree says:

I guess so, but actually she don’t have to. Freja is Freja.

BijuBRANDO says:

te amo

CarFullofForeigners says:

I’m just sayin, attitude is 90% of success.

Hollybeth84 says:

the established models are but if they’re trying to become establised they probably take a lot of shit from a lot of important people…

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