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Ann is the only woman I know of where men (including myself and Anthony Cumia) regularly say, “I want to be her.” We don’t mean a pretty 50-something with long blonde hair. We mean a respected iconoclast who gets away with talking in public the way we all talk in private. The reason Coulter gets away with this kind of behavior is she’s done her homework. That’s the hard part. It’s one thing to say, “If you don’t want to get killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria but if you don’t want to get killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you.” It’s another thing to have done so much research on the subject that not only can you prove immigrant crime is way worse than we thought but you can also explain why nobody knows about it. The short answer is “Carlos Slim.” The long and much more interesting answer is “Adios, America” which is her new book and we focus on that for this episode.

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Dasind Mccraw says:

Kmonone understand land by conquest and understand why the American way ( not choosing genocide ) is better. You see that’s why the Indians are still here .

Steven Park says:

A man who has emigrated twice in his life bitches about immigration to a woman who opines women shouldn’t have the right to vote. Come on Gavin, I know it’s getting harder to be different these days, but there must be better ways. Btw, I’m generally a fan of yours.

starplanet77 says:

How come it’s always filmed in Black & White?

Kmonone says:

merica! white people inherited the land by slaughtering millions of indians, oh but don’t get me started on the blacks and mexicans the thieving bastards why do they deserve free stuff, they didn’t build this country the Chinese did…

Guicentric says:

No ones seems to talk about business owners who purposely hire illegal immigrants and pay them 7 bucks an hour to keep costs down and profits high. Owners and consumers benefit from this labor. Gavin and Skelator, however think these people want to self deport themselves.

Javier Madrigal Jr. says:

What’s up with the bra strap?
I mean, I like it. But it seems like an odd oversight.
Maybe she’s just really relaxed around Gavin.
Maybe she wants to look lascivious & loose. Appeal to us young slackers.

Crusader1815 . says:

We don’t owe blacks anything either. We need to swap our blacks for the white South Africans. White South Africans are being murdered left and right down there by rabid blacks AND SO ARE WE. And White South Africans are Dutch and British. And best of all, they are most like the best Americans… Texans. Bring them HERE.

Matthew Herzog says:

Coulter is the only rightie I know of who publicly talks about how Reagan gave illegals amnesty. 99.9999% of Republicans refuse to admit this.

red dawn says:

mexican anchor babies are bad for the economy and the world’s tallest tree

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm says:

The ‘media’ suspiciously silent on criminality among the millions of illegal immigrants. I wonder which deceptive people could be behind this ? It’s a mystery for sure.

RolandDeschain1 . says:

Ann Coulter is a great Amercian.

It says everything that almost no libtard has the nerve to debate her because they know she’s infinitely smarter and more informed than they are. So they just try and discredit her as some frothing racist nut.

Yehiyor87 says:

Two of my favorite people in the same room. Excitement through the roof!!!

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