Fittings for the Spring-Summer 2014 CHANEL Haute Couture show

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More on The CHANEL Spring-Summer 2014 Haute Couture show took place on January 21st, 2014 at the Grand Palais, Paris. Soundtrack: Arti…

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Fab Jennie says:

The attention to detail. So beautiful!

Bertka Show says:

Karl is a genius

xoFiroza says:


Herniz says:

I love Karl

wtk12 says:

Karl is a king 

mercedes roldan says:


Chiara Gavagni says:

#chanel <3

Robertking1996 says:

Cara the bride,……….. what a terrible choice. 

Helena van Geijn says:

really amazzzzzzing

Ksenia P says:


Alejandro Cueva says:


B.J Ibrahim says:

no one can deny the genius of karl but dont you think it’s sad to see a
corset in a chanel collection while coco chanel herself leberated the women
from it.

Hanna Meier says:

love the dresses and the music! feels like another world to me!

Mente magazine says:

Fascinating and inspiring to watch various aspects of creative process.

Tereza Beránková says:


Rozio marquez says:

0:35 is a beautiful dress

clay byrd says:

honestly I can’t imagine anyone other then the super slim wearing Chanel ,
not that I’m endorsing this, but his designs don’t exactly scream curve

Melodie Funk says:

Mister Lagerfeld is a genius! Love the cut!!!

fdoeppen says:

Impeccable, but why the girls have to be SO skinny? I’m sure the clothes
would look phenomenal on women of a little more substance. Am I wrong?

MegaMoflis says:


Allegra Kelly says:

Wow this is breathtaking .. Oh my gosh what I would do to be in there with

Shannon McMillan says:

nothing short of brilliant, per norm.

Hajer A. says:

0:34 .. I would do everything…

Brittany Hayles says:


Eva Wilson says:

This looks so wonderful!

Twinkle Lee says:

Spring-Summer 2014

nelohagen says:


Paty Martinez says:

Cara the perfection and a good job of Karl a genious of the disinge

anne meerkerk says:

its so wonderful!

Robert Freund | Fotograf Düsseldorf says:

NFO – Nice Fashion One!

margaret brosnan says:

Amazing pieces of art. Priceless! 

Ro HeB says:

What a fascinating and beautiful world of true art. Kaiser Karl is a true
Master at his craft.

geraldinedover56 says:

Exquisite x

valentino hair says:


bumrusherer1985 says:

Love it all..but, some of those girls were awfully frail. 

MegaMoflis says:


Ksenia P says:

Fittings for the Spring-Summer 2014 CHANEL Haute Couture show

MsFoxy Fox says:

Tres belle Chanel

Ida HB says:

The details in in collection is just amazing! Karl is fantastique! 

LittleParisienne says:

To Ro Heb: Healthy does not mean fat, where did you get that? I am not into
the curvy (fat) is beautiful thing. These girls are not slim, they have
protruding bones. 

LittleParisienne says:

Amazing dresses… Would look even better on healthy bodies, imho.

Jamie Todd says:

I’m all teary eyed! Karl is truly my hero!

Luzdivina Rubio says:

Chanel como siempre genial, brillante, “gorgous”…. Pero para cuando lo
del cambio de tallas, para cuando modelos de tallas de mujeres reales??????
La mujer con curvas, no son bellas???? Estilo, genialidad, originalidad si,
pero por favor también CORDURA!!

Amy salinger says:

es lo mas perfecto en costura que he visto

tabata says:

eres un genio!!!!no lo comparto!!!!solo en mi you tube de moda!!!!!!es
mucho!!!!para difundir tanto trabajo!!!!!pero otra vez GRACIAS!!!!!!karl
estoy segura que te conocee antes del 2015!!! de los dos depende!!!!!todo
lo que me enseñas es un master!!!!!!GRATIS!!!!arantxa albareda de

arantxa albareda says:

gracias!!una vez mas!!!!!!!!!!!

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