Female Issues: Excess Facial Hair Growth | PCOS | My Facial Hair Routine | Chanel Boateng

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Hey guys! Hope this video helps some of us! Thank you all so much for your love and support! Please subscribe to this channel and subscribe to my second chan…

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Chanel Boateng says:

Hey guys, I just came from the Doctors/GP, I do not have PCOS. She said if
I did I would most likely find it very difficult to conceive as well as
have irregular periods. My periods are very very regular have a normal flow
and I get pregnant pretty easily lol. However I still have options to take
a blood test to confirm it. But she feels even if I am diagnosed with PCOS,
it would be classified as PCOS- Normal. So this facial hair thing may just
be because I am hairy! A lot of women from Ghana have facial hair issues in
which they have not got the issue at all. I believe i was given a wrong
diagnosis before I conceived my son. shame on them! lol! PCOS (according to
my Doctors explanation) highly effects fertility its cysts that grow on the
ovaries, and makes it hard to produce more eggs which makes your period
very irregular. I am sorry for you guys that are going through this. It is
well xx

Chanel Boateng says:

Glad the vid helped. Honestly.. I don’t know if I really have PCOS or if I
have been cured or what because from a lot of the comments I don’t have
issues with my periods, and fertility is not an issue, in fact I conceive
very easily, my periods are normal and very regular and have always been.
However I have issues with my weight… And it’s hard to loose weight…
That including the hair growth, and that’s pretty much it. But from the
sounds of the comments.. It seems that a lot of people have really
suffered. If so am so sorry girls it shall be well with you ❤️❤️❤️

ReszaBrown says:

WOW Chanel, Thankyou for being so honest! I cried during this. Finally,
someone who understands me. I honestly Love you! Your an amazing person!
You haven’t let that stop you at all, I’ve always just avoided
relationships because of my body hair. Guys might find it weird that I grow
excess but you have just put that to a side. It’s amazing! I admire you so
much! X

Amber Cole says:

I remember I told my boyfriend “look! omg I’m turning into a man.” He
looked closely grabbed my face and kissed my chin so softly and turned back
and continued watching tv lol. That’s when I knew life would be alright 🙂

Erin Wilson says:

Your so brave putting a video like this up with all the haters out there !

ReszaBrown says:

I wax my chest and stomach hair every month. I don’t have facial hair but I
pluck the hairs on my neck. I have accepted that “we all have something” I
don’t have Pcos but I do have some level of hormonal issues as I suffered
from recurring boils too on my underarm and groin area. I’m 18 now so it
has calmed down completely which I’m happy about but Chanel, I just put it
down to “we all have something”

MissCinnamonCake says:

THANK YOU for this video. I made a similar video about my experience with
this. If you’re Ghanaian, I am and I think it’s just genetic… I got the
laser and it didn’t work for me. I checked about the PCOS and I didn’t have
it. But I struggle with it too and I have to constantly shave, pluck, wax
lawd!!! You are beyond brave to post this and it helps so many people.

Emmy Vargas says:

Honesty is the best policy. I get a few stragglers here and there and I
just pluck them. I used to use wax but I didn’t have so much that it
justified my continuing to buy or pay for wax. Laser hair removal may be an

Jordan says:

I have excessive facial hair too, and it’s so mortifying if I don’t shave
when it grows in. Since I am pale, if I don’t a foundation with the correct
undertones, it will make the areas look grey like a “5’o’clock shadow”.
Plus, it all grows in super coarse and BLACK. Pure asphalt black. On my
pale skin, it looks incredibly horrible if I don’t do something about it
everyday. Thank you for being brutally honest in this video. It really
helped me, and it takes a lot to even come up with this kind of content to
post on your channel! 

Wande's World says:

Hey lovely, this is a great video. It’s great to opening up about the
things that aren’t seen as “normal”. My sister was using hair removal
cream, but it made her chin worst and darker. However she started laser
treatment at sk:n clininc, and it removed it within 4 days. you literally
started talking about sk:n whilst I typed this lol. If you do go to Sk:n go
to the one in Holborn, and mention my name wandesworld, and you’ll get some
sort of discount :)

MissDeenaDiva says:

Chanel, I love your transparency! I too, have the issue, with excess hair.
I haven’t been diagnosed with PCOS, but believe I am just a hairy person.
My dad is Nigerian and all of his family is pretty hairy and my mom is
Ghanaian and quite a few aunts have had the same problem. I have had Laser
Hair Removal done for years (recently stopped but may try again) and it
definitely helped reduce the hair for longer periods of time than the
traditional shaving, waxing, threading, depilatories. It helps because the
hairs will start to reduce when you get it done. The problem is that it can
cause hyper pigmentation if not done properly – on the right heat setting,
the right type of laser, etc. As long as the medispa has the correct laser
for our skin tone, you will be fine. Although a bit pricey, I would
definitely recommend you checking it out 🙂 Thank you so much for this
video. It helps us all to know that we are not alone!

trusunlight says:

Chanel, so awesome of you to share this video! But trans women have long
ago learned how to overcome this problem: ELECTROLYSIS from a SKILLED
electrologist. A lot of people here are suggesting laser hair removal, but
laser has very inconsistent results for people with darker skin. That’s a
fact — so be wary of places who claim their lasers (yes, even Nd:YAG
lasers) will permanently treat dark skin. Your hair growth region isn’t
that thick or extensive, so in my experience, electrolysis from a QUALIFIED
electrologist would not be that difficult for a person in your situation. 

MalissaCandi says:

Thank you for sharing this! I have this same issue. It was so embarrassing
when I worked 12+ hours. It would grow at work! I had to buy a battery
operated eyebrow shaper. It was small and discreet enough to sneak to the
bathroom. I even invested about 2 grand into laser hair removal, once I
stopped the treatments, the hair grew back. It does grow noticeably thinner
and I don’t have to shave as often, but I wish I didn’t have to at all. My
husband is so sweet and says it doesn’t bother him, but it bothers the crap
out of me. So I take care of it and stunt regardless. We are women! Hear us

SisiYemmieTV says:

Ha ha ha your husband is proper Naija! Bia bia is just synonym for beards .
Very helpful video 

Joe Joelle says:

I do not have any scientific related response to this, but I have the same
condition as you do. Mine is even worse, I have hair all over my cheeks,
arms, chest, legs, and , yes it’s annoying and embarrassing. I have 6
paternal aunts, and they all have `too much facial hair (I mean man-like
facial hair), but 5 of them have more than 5 kids and non of them is chubby
or overweight. In some parts of Africa, women with facial hair are praised
that it is a sign of richness, but in Western, that is not the case. I live
in the US, and if I go a day or two without shaving, people notices it, and
it is embarrassing. Now, I want to try leser-hair removal, and see what
will happen. As you said, it is a hormonal thing. TFS

Younique2011 says:

I tried Olay hair removal. It works. I want to try No No! Ive been taking
herbal supplements that balance hormones. Havent had a menstrual in years.
Havent had one since the supplements.Yes PCOS makes us produce more male
hormones than female hormones. Yes it has something to do with the ovaries.
It may or may not be cyst on the ovaries. Yes it makes some people hard to
conceive. Yes its weight related. Heard that too.

HaiErinHai says:

“When I was 21”!? Oh my goodness, I thought you were only, like, 19 or
20… Lol
But thank you so much for this video. It honestly helped so much! <3

Miracle Bright says:

I’m 18 and I first noticed that I have excessive hair growth around 16 and
it terrified me! I did all kinds of research and traumatized myself and I
never really knew whether or not this was a normal thing. I always knew
that, if we’re being honest all women are hairy. But I didn’t expect so
much growth. Seeing this video really reassured me that maybe it’s more
common than I thought. It’s been a couple of years and its just become a
part of my life now. Once a week I sit down and go at it. It doesn’t make
me feel any less beautiful unless its been a few weeks because I have a
lighter skin tone so it shows easily, plus I’m only 18 and people my age
can be cruel about the most natural of things. I use a tweezer to remove
the hair. It’s a bit abrasive if you’re not used to tweezing but it really
helps get even the most stubborn of hairs. Afterwards, I rinse with warm
water and soft cleanser and moisturize after with Collagenesis by Skinn.
The moisturizer helps prevent scarring and irritation because it’s enriched
with collagen. I also think it helps deter the hair growth because since
using it I find myself tweezing less often. Hope this helps!

IAMWhosThatGirl says:

The problem is your Gp will only go so far with info regards PCOS
So you have to push them to give you the options and right info you need.
Women of all races suffer with PCOS and have conceive children.
What PCOS is small cyst on the ovaries, now some some will suffer from
irregular period due to these cyst and makes it harder for that person to
Those whom have PCOS and are having regular periods are still ovulating and
are able to conceive.
It’s all do with your hormones and how to get them balance vitamins B6 and
iodine, can get them from your local pharmacy and health store.
There also treatments like Epilation that destroy the hair from the root
and stop the growth over a period of time.
All the best ladies

tubes200708 says:

I don’t think it has anything to do with weight. I am thin and I know
plenty of thin women that have these same issues. Just like I know of curvy
women that don’t have and do have this issue. But what I did notice is that
I didn’t have these issues until I got pregnant with my son. 

Adeline Ns says:

Electrolysis is the name of the machine but it’s quite pricey.
Soprano ICE laser hair removal is another laser option. Soprano ICE is
designed especially for those with dark and tanned skin; very sensitive
skin and light or very fine hair.
Waxing is also a solution.
I have 1 facial hair but so much hair every where else on my body 🙁 

Jamie Evans says:

Thank you for this very honest video! So far for me waxing has helped. I
don’t have pcos either. A nurse told me (rudely) if I lost weight the hair
would go away. I’ve lost almost 75lbs but the hair actually grew FASTER!.
You, dear, are radiant, brav, & beautiful and I thank you for this video

Muriel Bailey says:

Get laser treatments. I did. It doesn’t get rid of it completely but it
slows it down a whole lot. It can be a bit pricey so Look on groupon for
deals. Make sure you go in for a consultation first and find out if they’ve
treated with people with darker skin before. You don’t want to get burned.

shelly o.m says:

Hello totally relate I did laser remover and it was life changing afterb
that hair grown so think just a few also I recommend threading which I
learn to do my self ..which pull the hair from the root 

Lukasta24 says:

Hy Chanel,indeed PCOS is what you describes it,it means the testosterone
level is higher than the progesterone one and therefore the male traits
would be more pronounced. It is a very complexe chronical ilness that is
actually the result of a deeper cause which has to do with insuline
resistance…I,personally have been strugling with PCOS since I was 11
years old and everything it implies and I must tell you that I was glad to
see someone approach this subject. I dealt with facial hair by having it
permanently removed with IPL, but because the hormonal level is not
balanced you lways need to go for maintenance…

Marina Guajardo says:

I think I have 10 strands of hair that grow from my chin and about 5 total
on my jaw line and neck. To combat the growth, I tweeze them. I make sure I
pull out the follicle or else it’ll grow back in a day or two. If the
follicle is indeed attached to the hair, it takes a least 2 weeks to grow
back and when it needs to be tweezed again it’ll come out easier. If I mess
up and tweeze it wrong, I’ll get an ingrown hair there which can be a pain
cuz it can be hard to remove and it causes unnecessary darkness at that
area like acne would. I think mine was definitely a result of me being
overweight causing a flux in hormone production. But since it started about
3 years ago, I’ve lost 40 pounds (and counting) and I’m wishfully thinking
I’m tweeting less…but probably not…lol

ladysoloist says:

I spent 2000 on laser and it grew more and thicker. I also got
discolouration that took 3 years to even out. I’ve heard of VANIQA cream. I
think im going to try it. 

xxPinkyxx says:

Also whatever form of hair removal you opt for ensure you exfoliate
regularly to avoid ingrown hairs. Black people and people with curly hair
suffer from this most. I find the body shop exfoliations work best for me x

Thubelihle Ncubez says:

What I recommend is using a warm towel to dampen the place that makes the
hair easier to come off

Kurenai Akari says:

Also I forgot to mention, most of the time there these small balloon shaped
things called cysts that develop in the ovaries preventing a period from
happening. I happen to have those cysts which I am thinking about
surgically removing if my hormone treatments do not work.

sandi B says:

I can relate to that .
I have very thick hair in general my hair , eyebrows , leg, private part .
Also noticed some growing on my chin for about 9 month now and the best
thing for me is to thread it . I tried the hair cream but it seems like it
get worse with the cream . Hopefully I will find something better in the
future for permanent result .

Catie Kilts says:

Ladies please read! You HAVE to have your blood tested to know if you have
PCOS. If you have it you do need to know!
It can lead to many other problems and it’s not as simple as people even
doctors make it out to be.
If you have extra testosterone, you want to know and lower it. There are
sources where it comes from and you knowing that source is important. One
source means PCOS and another means endometriosis. Take your health
seriously. You need to see an endocrinologist for a diagnosis. This isn’t
simple and it isn’t something to brush off. It can lead to cancer,
diabetes, cancer and many other things. It’s
Easily treated, but you have to know!

Grace Rios says:

Ladies! Please read. Do no tweeze or shave!!! Laser hair removal does not
work either. Electrolysis is the only way to go. I have had thick hair
growth on my neck, chin, chest, and stomach. I started my chest and my
stomach because that was where it was really bad. I shaved probably for
about a year and a half. My aunt found out that I had done this, and
quickly told me how terrible it is. I know that there is speculation on
whether shaving/tweezing makes it thicker, but I believe it does. I have
been doing electrolysis for about 8 months and is amazing the
transformation. Please please look in to electrolysis, it’s a bit expensive
but totally worth it. Do your research, and if anyone tells you to
shave/tweeze, get out!!! 

Lindsay Slevan says:

Hey Chanel! I can’t tell you how much it means to me to see a video like
this! I know how much courage it takes to be so open about facial hair. I
got facial hair passed down to me from my mum. My mum does have PCOS and
she has struggled with a large amount of facial hair for years, especially
on her chin area! She used to get break outs and ingrown hairs all the time
because she plucked the hairs out, the skin in the areas she had facial
hair were really uneven and heavy with hyper pigmentation! A few years ago
she started using an epilator and holy crap the improvement in her skin is
unbelievable! I highly recommend trying one!! They can be a bit pricy but
they are worth the investment!! You can use it on other parts of your body
too! I know how it feels to be constantly starring at excess body hair and
facial hair and its a major struggle!! 

GR Whit says:

Chanel I applaud you for this segment and all the women responding. Real
Women sharing…Real Talk! No nonsense haters, name calling, cussing etc.
just real talk about one of our many issues! This problem is more common
than many women realize! From my mom to me to my five daughters inherited
hormone imbalance. we all just live with it and deal with it not making it
a big enough issue to disturb our life.We don’t find it that hard to deal
with. We just use shaving,nair and plucking that’s, all were doing and
staying away from all those “remedies” no more problems please!!! Look at
YOU Chanel…Nair… and you’re still beautiful inside and out! Thanx
again! You Create!!

Crystal Smith says:

Thank you for this video. I think it takes a lot of courage to come on the
internet and talk about this issue. I as well as four sisters and mom
suffer from facial hair,it’s a genetic thing. It’s extremely uncomfortable
and embarrassing. Two of my sisters did complete their laser hair removal
treatments, unfortunately the hair ended up growing back.

DeeDee .Last says:

My mom has the same amount of hair like you.. She waxes it ! And it takes
3-4 week before it grows out again. And it makes it less dark and thicker (
the hair) 

Gabby Grant says:

Thanks for your honesty ! I loved the video. I suffer from PCOS and I am
now starting to grow excess facial hair!! It makes me feel less as a woman
but it is amazing to know some one else out there has the sand issues! I
got laser which helped slow if down but it does not remove completely, now
I just thread because it seems to last longer !! Thank you love 

Kemi Salako says:

You can have polycystic ovaries without having PCOS. You would have regular
periods, no issues with fertility but raised levels of testosterone hence
the hair. Simple blood test of scan would tell you. (I have the same).

Then again, could be something completely different.

Glad you did the video!!! #realcontent 

embraceyourbeautyalways says:

I’m glad you talked about this. If you find out more information on what
type of help is there for dark skinned girls that would be great to do a
video on that.

MissAnthropy says:

Hi Chanel! From what I understand, PCOS can also have insulin resistance
involved. There is too much insulin in the body, due to the body resisting
it, and having too little sugar in the blood as a result. This can lead to
some women being light headed at times. Some women also experience other
issues such as IBS, bleeding between periods and abdominal pain, insomnia
and very dry skin and eyes.
I don’t know for sure, but this is what I have found, as I have been
researching both PCOS and endometriosis due to my own health concerns.
Don’t know which I have yet. Personally I don’t have the excess hair
issues, but I do shed hair, a LOT.
Hope this helps a little, and thank you for posting the video, as I do know
some girls who struggle with excess hair.
Kind regards :)

tlady85 says:

Thank you so much for this video! I wax my face about once a month. I do my
regular check ups with my doctor and I’m healthy so with the women on my
mom’s side being hairy I have just chalked it up to genetics. But hair
grows everywhere except my head lol my stomach, legs, face, back I mean
everywhere. I did laser removal on my bikini area but because to the
expense I stopped and I can’t tell a difference the hair grew back like it
never was treated. 

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