Favorite Louis Vuitton Wallets: Sarah vs. Emilie

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housewifeofSC says:

I don’t like tri-fold wallets so the josphine would not work for me. Loving the emilie though!

LVlover cc says:

Hi Could you please tell me if you considered getting Josephine wallet also when you were thinking of getting Emily wallet? I want to get one of them but not sure which one should be the one for me. if you did consider would you please share with me like your opinion etc… thank you

fancyfee929 says:

Thanks for sharing. The pomme Sarah is so lovely!

TheMrsSMJ says:

I have the Damier Azure Josephine. You will love it! I like the fact you can takeout the coin zip pouch! Great video ☺

PrettyCoCo2012 says:

I love my Emilie wallet! I use her everyday since i got it last christmas and she still looks brand new!

Bubblesdeals says:

How is the red button on your Emilie? I have the mini Marie wallet and my button got scuffed up after a week. Very disappointed with the red button.

MissCielle101 says:

One in every print would be great, lol I think you should definitely get the azur print as well for your Totally! I’m glad you’r saying that you like the quality, I’ve never seen this wallet in person but I will next time I’m visiting the store. Since I already have 2 wallets I’m going back and forth on getting a third, but like I said I’ve been thinking of getting this, because I don’t want to wear out my Kusama too much either, and then the Emilie would be a perfect everyday wallet IMO! xoxox

Bags4Bubbles says:

Ahhhh!! I honestly have never considered the Emilie wallet until this video!! I thought it was too similar to Sarah, but didn’t know about the big pocket. I love the Sarah, it is my absolute favorite wallet – sometimes it is just nice to change it up a bit. The Insolite is waaayyy too huge for me, & like you – I really only need those 4 slots in the front, main reason I like the Sarah. I like the big pocket in the back of the Emilie. May have to consider it in the future! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

MSpanders10 says:

I think the Emily wallet is adorable and I love it in the monogram and nice pop of color. I bet it will look gorgeous in the Azur print.

pinkfuscia says:

I love LV videos so keep those coming 🙂

StellaNaturaRay says:

Thank you such much! I’ve been debating on both and leaning towards the Emile and you just helped me make my decision!!

Someday Shabby says:

Great comparison video. I love my sarah wallet. Please check out my channel. 🙂

E Pazmino says:

Great comparison.

iluvdesignershoes says:

Love both!!! I have the Emilie in Blue and the Sarah in rose pop.

AlwaysLV1982 says:

Great video doll. Love both wallets 🙂

sarahcaitlin33 says:

I enjoy watching all of your videos! 🙂

cocacola988 says:

Do u prefer the Sarah or the zippy wallet

housewifeofSC says:

Anne – I would really recommend the Emilie for you. Like you I didn’t want to wear out my sarah too much so decided more than one wallet was a must. I was felling discouraged watching reviews on the Emilie where people said it was “flimsy” or “cheaply made.” But in person I was pleasantly surprised and am very much impressed with the quality and functionality of this piece. It is very much comparable to the Sarah (minus those 6 slots). How about one in every print? LOL does that help?

MissCielle101 says:

Great video! I have been contemplating for a long time getting the Emily wallet, just for the same reasons you describe, I love my Sarah in vernis Pomme but I really don’t need all the card slots.Right now I’m using my Kusama Zippy in white (because I want my Sarah to stay in a good shape) and I love the zippy very much as well, though the Sarah is my favorite. Now I just need to decide which print I would love for my Emily. I love mono, but I also like the DE print a lot. Though choice, lol xox

YYCCouture says:

I want both :)p great video! Thank you for the review.

MjhelFliP Valencia says:

Great review!!! They are both my fave wallets too!

WOMAN says:

Nice video.
Jus subscribed. Hope u do the same to me.

Sher Saladini says:

Hi Mina, dont worry I’m a LV fan but its ok, take your time doing videos. 🙂 btw , I have the Josephine wallet with blue interior, very similar to the Emilie, and I love it.

FashionLush says:

On my wish list!

FashionLush says:

I have the Emile wallet in DE and LOVE it! But the Sara in MC is onnmyni

housewifeofSC says:

It appears to be but honestly when you hold them together it’s hard to see a difference in size. So I would say that any difference size is negligible.

housewifeofSC says:

Thank you for the love!!! The Vernis sarah feels and looks amazing!!! You definitely need one!

julietoscar11 says:

Great comparison video! In terms of size, are they much different? From the video, seems like the Emilie might be a touch smaller and slimmer.

Bianca M. says:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your LV vids! I want the Sarah Vernis wallet. Thanks girl for the comparison video! xoxox

housewifeofSC says:

If you are using all the slots then it’s a great investment. Maybe you can get the Emilie later in a different print?

Gott510 says:

Nice! Wish I could have saved $ on my wallet and got emilie not Sarah, but we have a lot of health cards here to carry at all times

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