Fashion Week Paris 2013-2014 EXIT CHANEL 2 .

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EXIT CHANEL with cara delevingne lindsey wixson ming xi aymeline valade Melissa Tammerijn, Nadja Bender, Zuzanna Bijoch, Ondria Hardin, Saskia de Brauw, Caro…

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seanzscorpio says:

How much coke is Cara on? Seriously?

Adrian Rami says:

Love Cara but her walk lately is a bit ode . She has such great energy !

Jessi Slaughter says:

The blonde is Soo Joo

honest942 says:

Ondria Hardin

jezzyjj1 says:

strangle cara

Zoe Cursual says:

Ming is such a cutie


Yumi Lambert

garconff says:

That’s why I hate her :)

flgrnmrtl says:

Ava Smith ♥♥♥

Emmanuel Jouquand says:

1:20 how is this?

carlos sandoval says:

it shows that the models are quite messy outside the Grand Palace in exclusive cara develigne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrbest soylatte says:

Janice Alida…next to me….

best moda says:

stella tennant was there !!!


You changed your username. Leo River is so much more imaginative..

chisovnik says:

Cara and Aymeline are adorable.


groznocp, your model at 1:00 is Janice Seinen Alida.

Leo River says:

Who’s the short haired model on the right at 1:00?

antoine mangenot says:

Merci Tom


Some more model spotting:
Melissa Tammerijn,
Nadja Bender,
Zuzanna Bijoch,
Ondria Hardin,
Saskia de Brauw,
Caroline Brasch Nielsen,
Juliana Schurig,
Ava Smith,
Edie Campbell,
Janice Seinen Alida,
Andreea Diaconu,
Stella Tennant,
Xiao Wen Ju,
Yumi Lambert,
Mirte Maas

longisthenight says:

and who gets more minutes than any one else? … oh yeah, Cara, haha… such an attention whore, that’s why I like her 🙂

Brsbeach says:

She’s a cutie- always having a good time!! <3

caonimabide1 says:

2:02 cara,hahaha…fucking funny……….

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