Fashion: Trendy Clothing for Pregnant Women

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Just because we are pregnant does not mean we have to wear JUST MATERNITY CLOTHING.

I am due any day now and I wanted to make this video before I popped to give you all some ideas.


1)Over Priced
2)They all look the same
3)I cant wear the clothes after the baby comes

Do not wear your bfs clothing
Do not wear clothes that dont fit
Do not dress like a hoochie lol


Check out stores like:
-anywhere you normally shop and keep your eyes peeled for lose or stretchy materials so you will stay comfortable.

All the clothing in this video are NON maternity clothing. If they are not size I usually wear they are a size bigger.

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Yee Vang says:

Woow i am in love with your two green tops and all of your dresses! Thank you for this vid. Its very helpful…i am 13 weeks pregnant and im getting soo excited now after watching your video. Cant wait to go shopping for some maternity clothes for me! 🙂 

ElleMehr says:

Too cute xx

dewin5ify says:

You know that irksome event when your brother (who's been a loser forever, by the way) gets an unbelievable woman to fall in love with him in 3 weeks?! Yep, that just occured. I am aware I ought to be happy even so I would prefer if it was me. He revealed that he ran the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I would like to hide out in a cave at this moment…

sarai cruz says:

did u wear any support under ur
dress during ur pregnancy?

Mia Adams says:

i just think you look like kim kardashian in ths video:-) 🙂

Angela Green says:

Omg.u look so beautiful prego.

Sonia Avalos says:

Lol. Too cute…

shelbycollumxo says:

You were so real back then!

joan lopez says:

You look a bit like Kim Kardashian…!!! Love your style <3

mazerxo says:

A few years later I find this video. You look BEAUTIFUL Sonia! 🙂

Jessika Garcia says:

Haha! Good tips presented in a funny manner! "My pansa would be hanging out!"

Lizeth Maya says:

I agree with you sonia 🙂

k diaz says:

lol you should get pregnant again just because u look so beautiful lol. dumb reason im playing. but u get me

msrevenge317 says:

Omg you look so beautiful here! As well as now,but you know what imean! lol

BeautyBodySpirit says:

4:40 she like gropes her own boobs… wierd!

chelsea timoti says:

u stayed so.slim everywhere else. How????

candy velazquez says:

awwww sonia you looked so cute pregnant!!! you looked great back then and now too!!!

lagirlzhot says:

u look so pretty pregnant and ur face is fuller , just beautiful

Karma Kidz Rule says:

You…are…so… sexy!!!

Shannon Capps says:

Smacking your mouth when you talk is gross….ugh.

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