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News flash: skinny jeans are SO out. Tokyoites sure know how to make a girl feel behind the times…

Ok, can we all just acknowledge that Japanese street style is to die for?
Since I know from personal experience how difficult it is to find this kind of stuff online, I thought I’d do a roundup of five fashion trends and one very weird beauty trend that I’ve seen on the streets of Tokyo over the past few weeks!

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My recent haul video from Tokyo:

Japanese fashion trends:
Wide-legged pants (culottes, gauchos, and boyfriend jeans)
Platform shoes
Birkenstock sandals
Long, summer-weight cardigans
Fake glasses (especially round, Harry Potter-esque ones!)
Grid pattern

Beauty trends:
Byojaku makeup (sick face)

Websites that can help you keep up with fashion trends in Japan:
(all about Japanese street style, they also have great Facebook and Instagram accounts) (WEGO is like Japan’s Rue21) (another awesome Japanese clothing store)

Also, try visiting the websites of trendy international stores like Forever 21 or H&M. Change your location to Japan and creep on what they have in stock!


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Fmgake says:

All of them are also trending here in Singapore! Except the makeup thing though.. I think it's trending worldwide too, the trend right now is reviving old fashion trend and adjust it to the current era to make it looks modern instead.

mochimiu says:

i've seen that blush thing in a lot of the photos from tokyofashion. i never thought it was meant to look sick though, i just thought it was a new way of wearing blush

lavender rose says:

These fashion trends are not just in Tokyo, its all over Japan, I live in the rural area of Japan way down south near Kansai and all these things are the stores here too, so you might want to change the video title to "Japan" since these trends are popular all over Japan not just in Tokyo.

Grid pattern looks retro, like from the 60s or 50s, basically most of the fashions that are popular right now are recycled from older decades. The gaucho pants are originally from the 1970s shudders, I find them tacky and remind me of old grandma clothing,but that's just my personal opinion on gaucho pants lol. I like the skinny leg jean look better than big loose pants, because gaucho pants make short people appear stalky so it doesn't look good on short people, but actually skirts and dresses are more comfortable to me than any pants or jeans. The wire rim glasses remind me of Victorian glasses from an older era, sort of gives off a steampunk or antique look.

Nkaujjb Vang says:

Boyfriend jeans! Yeeees?

V2DHEART says:

whey hey! first comment and first view! lol

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