Fashion Show – Yves Saint Laurent: Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear

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Runway, backstage, and front-row footage from the Paris show. Watch the Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2008 fashion show footage from Want more? Visit St…

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hannahjeanmachine says:

models are chosen based on their face, walk, personality, etc… and making
them all look the same, to me, makes the clothes less wearable.. i like to
see the clothes on a personality, it makes them come to life in my
opinion… i just didn’t enjoy this particular collection… he’s still a
great designer though. 🙂

BrandonG10 says:

what is the music in the show

qwdewjb says:

Its by LCD Soundsystem there are two versions, the first one is called
“Someone Great” and its from their “Sound Of Silver” album (this one has
lyrics). The second version which is the exact track used in the show is
from their “45:33” album, being that the whole album is one track makes it
quite intricate! Hope this helps.

Merlikas says:

thats very interesting, new, kind of innovative . And with a few changes, i
like those clothes.

usctrojans2007 says:

Not a fan of this collection. tHERE’S A FEW PIECES that are amazing. Not
all are wearable. Very 80’s i believe and inspired with a futuristic twist.

Yves Martini Camingue says:

one of the most concrete shows for fall-wint 2008. genius in cut,
provocative proportion and a really-forweard look with the pants – ill
surely wear some pieces f i was a gal. i love the tafetta yelow & blak
bi-pleated dress

Frankie Gandarilla says:

Pilati is a sheer genius! This was my favorite show from the entire Fall 08
season! He’s not afraid to cross the line and yet still make the
controversial look exquisite and chic.

andrewjamesmacleod says:

“Someone Great” – LCD Soundsystem. I’ve got the soundtrack; message me if
you’d like it.

andrewjamesmacleod says:

A bit more early 90’s. It’s really the shape of the pants. Pilati proposed
a shape that was extremely early late 80’s/early 90’s for his spring show
(the whole show was very much about that period), and this seems like a
natural evoloution of the shapes from summer 08.

Nicola Gabriel says:

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!

PiRaTe1o1 says:

I LOVE ITTT, the best collection everrrr

Frankie Gandarilla says:

Pilati is a genius! Never afraid to cross push the boundaries. Yet he makes
even the controversial look chic and great. He is what the future of
fashion will be.

Isis Anel says:

its very interesting but I know not the models look the same, they are
really beautiful.

Frankie Gandarilla says:

Damn! Looks like I dont even know how to post a damn comment!

LandseyFino says:

It reminds me of pradas spring collection, although I must say I love all
the skirts but i am not a fan of the trousers in most collections this



martinmbautista says:

Does anyone knows the song played here? 🙂

Tyrell667 says:

I wish Julianne would’ve elaborated on that BROAD comment she made just
near the end

kjboy365 says:

love the hair love the lipstick big pants and high heels just one of the
best in paris.

Tyrell667 says:

Provocative?…elaborate. Because that can mean different things in terms
of fashion.

dragomirW says:

i absolutely adore his work. i believe he’s one of the top 5 designers of
our age. always focused always loyal to himself. the only thing that itches
here is that S.P. is an artist in the opposite to being a manager. the
clothes don’t sell themselves so well. that hurts me much as a YSL biggest
worshiper ever

Nathan Prins says:

Very good, much better then te last collections of YSL

Tyrell667 says:

I wish Julianne’s would’ve elaborated on that BROAD comment she made just
near the end

lanipunanni says:

Who is the model at 0:33 to the right? I’ve seen her used before for Jeremy


I am always looking for pants similar to these. These pants are quite
masculine, so one would assume that they’d be easy to find in a menswear
place…….but I can’t find them anywhere 🙁 They just sell unflattering
tight pants that make me look short now… 🙁

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