Fashion show – Jean Paul Gaultier – Paris Fashion Week 2003 “FLYING JACKETS” by Fashion Channel

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Fashion show – Jean Paul Gaultier – Paris Fashion Week 2003 “FLYING JACKETS” by Fashion Channel

French designer Jean Paul Gaultier (born 1952) became world famous for his avant-garde designs, usually first displayed in runway shows that are themselves media events.
Nobody keeps the flag of haute couture flying quite like Jean Paul Gaultier. Immaculate tailoring, aching beauty and a playful sense of the absurd—all these were whipped up into a collection that reached the wildest shores of aspirational fashion.
The designer’s cheeky sense of humor also showed up in trompe l’oeil pieces that spoofed the idea of formal dressing with what looked like suits and shirts suspended in front of the models’ bodies. But amid all the playfulness, it was as clear as ever that Gaultier’s tuxedo tailoring is a first-class investment, cut to last a lifetime.







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