Fashion Show “ALEXIS MABILLE” Autumn Winter 2013 2014 Haute Couture Paris by Fashion Channel

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Fashion Show “ALEXIS MABILLE” Autumn Winter 2013 2014 Haute Couture Paris by Fashion Channel

The Alexis Mabille show opened with figure hugging daywear: high-waisted jeans paired with silk négligé tops and touches of brocade defined a modern yet highly ornate elegance.
The Haute Couture Fall WInter 2013-14 collection, transports us into a fairy tale world, full of floral décor that seemed to reference impressionist masters, models appeared in organic, voluptuous outfits spiced up by paint splashes, thus further exploring the art-inclined reference.
Ample ruffles and tulle appliqués gave cocktail dresses a thrill. As for the evening wear, it was dominated by an intricate games of draping, contrasted by bold, curvaceous volumes: giant sleeves and hoods made a notable impression in the room. The show closed with a extralarge tulip shaped coat held together by a bow at the back, highlighting Mabille’s all-time signature.







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Alan Cruz says:

Que pinche cambio de musica en el comienso …

Jacky D. says:

the last part is "inseperable" from the "ruby sparks" soundtrack by Nick Urata

Fernando Landa says:

I think this artistic job it's original, like Galliano, Vauther, Burton or others, but all the fashion jobs are similar in one or two ways because everything is created for the human figure!!!! And that's the unique characteristic unchanged.

drknakkie says:

Name of the music, pleeeaase

ImmaculateRecovery says:

Thana Khunen OMG OMG OMG <3

sebastian sartorialissimo says:

How was that Dior? In what universe does this collection have anything to do with Dior? You have no clue what the "Dior style" is.
You have no idea what you're talking about and thought that by saying Dior you would sound cool and as if you knew anything about fashion.

vik sicard says:

very "Dior style" but on his own way, fantastic! What an amaising designer

J Rios says:

Feel a lil Galliano… Gorgeous collection.

OrmondTheMagnificent says:

It was meant as a compliment…

Jiana Jonas says:

I found the bubble gum pink pieces refreshing.

Adan Michel says:

Some of these pieces are ugly, just that. But, in general I think is a good collection.

Asante Mills says:

what a wonderful collection from the colors to the billowing shapes.

modeling4Fashion says:

6:29 reminds me of a Victorian angel!

Isaac Mendieta says:

Like entering on a fairy tale.

Sophie ah says:

très belle collection j'adore et l'endroit est très beau aussi ! bravo !

Joubaier Joubert says:


DesignerGal says:

agreed!! Dior is shit without Galliano.

OrmondTheMagnificent says:

That real shit!

Otis Von Rothbart says:

Wicked! Sorceresses <3

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