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Talking about my experience at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Fashion Merchandising Management (now known as Fashion Business Management) and discussing its benefits to becoming a fashion influencer.

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One Dapper Street says:

Hope you guys liked the short synopsis of my FIT story! Are you guys thinking of attending? Any more questions? Let me know, I'll try to help you out as much as I can! Cheers, M

DerKnighten says:

You didn't mention the costs of all that mate! But great video still 👍

erwyn cubacub says:

This is a video I need thanks marcel for making this video. I think it would be important just to have a inside look or a background in fashion because a lot of jobs want a title of a degree. However this is a rare exception. This is so interesting. Yay congratulations 100K

sourav 23 says:

Go Marcel !! 100k !!


Can we notice and appreciate those minions by the apple. 😂🤣🔥❤️

Alexander K. says:

Die jacke ist ja sick, woher ist die den? Kannst noch genauer zeigen?


You actually did an amazing job explaining your experience … Thank you

Jadson Andresen says:

Hallo Marcel, I started loving Fashion when I moved to Germany, I studied Marketing and Advertising* i don’t know if the name is correct. Now Im study Turismusmanagement but I wanna in the future maybe next year study Fashion, I loveeeeeeeee fashion and maybe photography too. I love your work and how u speak with us. So keep going and please talk more about FIT. Liebe Grüße aus Heimat.

elizabethkathryn8 says:

I really wish I would have done more research on FIT before I went to college! Your video has a lot of information and I know it will help a lot of people out there looking to study fashion!

ashlnhrris says:

I hope you do a video on just hats one day (specially hats + glasses/sunglasses), can't figure that one out fashion wise

Dominique Fuller says:

This is why I wish I could’ve moved to New York, I went to school for fashion here in NC and once I graduated, my network is so low. I can’t wait to move there because I can truly grow like I want to! Thank you for this, I hope one day I can meet you! You really give out good tips!

iHeirApparent says:

Hey OD just watched your nutrition video and realized it would be a lot easier to style clothes and order online if you could tell us how much your weigh and how tall you are, thanks man.

Shaun Leonard says:

Great video! Congratulations on reaching 100K!!! 👏🏼

jeck54 says:

100k subs! The first time I watched one of your videos, you were at 81k and I felt that that you should have had more subscriptions than that. You are very good in what you do. Keep it up!

Ethan Parcon says:

Can you do boxer or briefs episode…ty!

Alexander Do says:

What shirt are you wearing Marcel? It's nice!

Pacan says:

Hallo Marcel, ein (wie immer!) sehr gutes Video! Ich habe aber 2 Fragen:
1. In Amerika ist das College ja nicht gratis?! Wie hast du dir deine Bildung finanziert, und wie viele kostet FIT jährlich? (falls du keinen genauen Preis nennen willst, würde ich das verstehen)
2. Ich bin momentan Schüler (15) und habe begonnen mich für Mode zu inertisieren, aber ich weiß nicht genau, was ich in der Schule anziehen sollte? Ich würde zu einem Hemd und ehr elegantem Gewand tendieren aber ist das in meinem Alter seltsam? Was wäre deine Empfehlung zum Thema Mode in der Schule?(vllt eine Videoidee ? 🙂 )
Grüße aus Wien und gratuliere zu den 100K!

Inna Vikhorova says:

Thank you, Marcel !
You can give motivation. I'm glad that your channel become bigger and bigger.

Ryan Hernandez says:

So you lived in Spanish Harlem? What was that like? Can you make a video on living in NYC? I want to move to Manhattan after I graduate, but there are so many neighborhoods and price ranges.

Ravenus Augustus says:

Is that a Buddha image on your desk? Are you a buddhist or is it just for decoration?

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