Fashion Design Tutorial: Developing and Merchandising a Collection

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I’m a fashion designer and illustrator who used to teach university fashion classes until my YouTube channel took over my life! I love my YT students! I make videos about design, illustration, color theory, industry real talk and FAQ, fashion business, art supply hauls and reviews and I have all my videos organized by playlists. I believe hard work and dedication is more important than “talent” when it comes to having a successful career.

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Hot take: Any moron can design a cute dress or 2, real designers create whole cohesive collections full of a variety of beautiful garments season after season after season. This video goes over many methods I use to create a variety of garments along the same thematic elements.


Watch Me Design a Fashion Collection playlist:

Fashion Design Process playlist:

Drawing Flats playlist:


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Zoe Hong says:

Give this video a thumbs if you learned something new! Let me know if you want more design process tips and tricks videos!

Beven W says:

Your etsy link is broken

Last Minute Laura says:

this is amazing. I am so glad I found you!

Deborah Jones says:

I like your utube!

Tantil Drum says:

Thank you so much as a visual merchandiser here in the persian Gulf… really helps a lot..I hope professor you make some videos about cohesivenes of the collection when you put in the boutique…Lab yah……😉🙏👍👍👍

Hennie Hådén says:

You really need a new microphone!

T Bondeva says:

Thank you soooo much about your videos, really nice push! I have been demotivated recently at work and this really helped me a lot!!!! <3

Isis Lopez says:

Omg, you are enlighting my life! This is the channel i was looking for for so long.

Minute2Minute Fashion says:

Thank you, hope my work will be viewed and appreciated and make a difference one day, and I will be sure to thank those like you for all the education you’ve provided xoxo

WickedWonders says:

Hi Zoe!! I’m a design student in LA and I was taught in my sketching class that recruiters don’t want to see you get inspiration from existing clothing. I wanted to design clothes sort of 80s inspired and I brought in a bunch of inspo photos of “80s” signature designs and my teacher didn’t allow me to use those for my mood board… I don’t know I’m just confused…

Pragathi Fernando says:

nice tutorial thanx

Freewheeler LLC says:

THIS is such a helpful video. Thanks

Rossella Leonardi says:


Nneka Okonkwo says:

Thank you. I feel like I'm getting a thorough fashion design education completely free on YouTube.

J. Singer says:

Excellent video! I work in the fashion industry ( and what you are providing in your videos gives a very clear understanding of how the design process works. Well done!

Yawa Tsagli says:

Who are the people disliking this video? Thanks Zoe, you saved my life ❤️

Rynae Masawi says:

Love this thank you x

Jenn Cii says:

what type of white paper is the one that you used to draw?

Camila says:

I don't work with fashion, but watching you make this flats and combine them made it seems so fun, now I want to do it just for my own amusement. =D Love your channel, you're such a great professor. Hope you continue growing and reaching even more people! <3

Amal Mirari says:

you're a GODSEND.

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