Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion Trends! 秋冬ファッショントレンドはボヘミアン! (English subs)

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Misbah Anwar says:

Hi Melodee! I'm following your videos for the last couple of days and these are so damn inspirational for me….U're a truly nice soul on earth….please keep on putting new videos regarding skin care products…also wanted you guide me some tricks for slimmer butt and thighs….needed it the most!! Looking forward for your reply!! May God bless u!!

Laura Paola López says:

She is Melodee Morita!!! yay!! now I'm subscribed to this channel thanks to her~ beautiful

Kira Suzuki says:

The models' body is scary looking…

채지윤 says:

love ur videos Melodee~do make more on your personal channel ^○^/~

nyan3gato says:

女優さんみたいに綺麗です☆☆☆☆  Gorgeous as always!!!!  メロディーさんのインスタで、撮影の裏側(クリップのやつ♪) やっと見れました!!!!☆☆☆☆

Jonathan Gonzales says:

Ms.Morita looks like cute mannequin.

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