Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture CHANEL Show

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More on http://chanel-news.com Full film of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture fashion show that took place on July 8th, 2014 at the Grand Palais in Paris. Soundtrack: Artist:…

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Mélanie R. Coulombe says:


Steto5 says:

amazing materials, but why karl no longer care to use heels on the models?

Fl00Rra says:

Didn’t like the cuts and the silhouettes, but the embroidery works is
stunning as always with Chanel

OmarSunAndLights says:

Lindsey Wixson fits perfect in Chanel.

Sumaya Elmasri says:

I think I’ve fallen in love…

Lanier Smith says:

Interesting collection and much better than the Dubai Cruise Collection.
The first piece stood out as very nice then it dropped off a bit with the
flared skits with odd Culottes peaking out. When the coat collars went up a
la Givenchy/Hepburn early 1960’s style I perked up. That was a nice touch
and reference to a more elegant period in fashion. The lines at this point
in the collection became classic and timeless. At about the 4 minute look
it the black and gold coat with reference to YSL’ s 70 Russian Collection
was stunning. When the shapeless ruffled numbers appeared I was at a loss
for words. Not pretty, from then on the collection bounced from interesting
to dull with bits of high glamour popping up such as the black gown with
silver embroidery and black feathers at the neckline.That was Brilliant as
was the number that followed it. Then back to odd with the “A” line long
“Dutch Milk Maid” dresses. Not flattering on anyone except a professional
shoplifter. Who wants to look like a traffic cone in a snowstorm? And flat
sandals for winter…well that was purely theatrical. I also felt that the
models stalked rather than walked, no sensuality, glamour no mystique. A
bored teenage boy could put more oomph in his stride than these lackluster
women. But the end the rather cinematic Guinevere white gown with the
stiff gold embroidered train could not save the show for me and bring it
above merely interesting with sparks and flashes of elegant

ellaartiss says:


blueribbon nanny says:


Pablo Pd says:

Beautiful!! A really good and quality fabrics, a lot of manual labor and
such a good taste!!!

Regina Mar says:

Amazing as always, obviously is CHANEL 

urbandecaygirl01 says:

Nina Doberv

nkariem1 says:


Bobby Jo says:

Watch the full Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture show #chanelhautecouture

Damian Rhea says:

7:46 WTF?

evey morris says:

kendall really fits good in the chanel crew. hoping to see her in future

Bridget Akridge says:

I spotted Grace and Anna at 4:13 

Andrea Kieffer says:

amazing. i watch the shows on youtube all the time and i hope to go to one
one day! (btw kendall is pretty but she is not good at runway in my

Ariana prace says:

Jared Leto in women’s clothes (y) ;)

Leonardo lima goulart says:

music? anyone?

abel delgado gonzález says:

This is the secret armor force of zombies of OTAN

ptitesirna1 says:

Another beautiful show. Am somewhat confused by the pairing of ribbon
sandals with heavy suits, etc. in a Fall/Winter collection…but I have to
admit, the embroidery is so beautiful, I barely mind…

SyuZi Syuzi says:

i need to know who is singing the first song pls help
his voice is so magnificent ^ ^ 

boy in the box says:

The beginning of the show was extremely boring, but then you caught my
attention by using these great materials! I’ve one question: Is Ashleigh
Good pregnant or is she wearing the awfullest dress I’ve ever seen!?? All
in all I am shocked, but also fascinated..

Miranda Fay says:

Where is cara delevingne???? I miss her so much

Mojo Jojo says:

Lovely, lovely show I loved the pieces at 3:20, 4:00 & 5:06

Joshua Paik says:

Is anyone else bothered by the loose thread at 14:35?

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