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It’s my first fashion video of FALL 2016! Here are 3 of my outfits of the week for the beginning of fall! Please give this video a thumbs up if you like it / want more fall outfits / fall trend videos! Thank you to Refinery29 + Ford for partnering with me on today’s video! This video is showing you how I would incorporate fall trends into my real life + where I would wear these outfits to!

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hey guys! Today’s video is my first fashion video of FALL 2016! Today I’m showing you guys my fall outfits of the week for the first week of fall [ok.. it’s not actually fall yet. But fall fashion is my favorite and fall is my favorite season!] Hopefully this video could inspire you guys for your fall outfits / give you some fall fashion ideas. These are outfits I’ve worn / are my personal style, but I hope that you can maybe draw some inspiration from them to wear in your own way!

I’m so excited about the upcoming fall season / fall fashion season that I wanted to show you my first looks while incorporating fall trends. These are my outfits of the week that I’ve worn while it’s still warm outside. These are pieces / fall trends you can incorporate into your style still in the warmer months / end of summer season. I will post more fall fashion videos as it gets colder with more layers etc this is just the pieces I’ve been starting to incorporate!

I’ve listed the brands for all of the pieces down below so you can see them in case you liked specific pieces. I generally try to describe things in terms like ‘crop top’ or ‘cross body bag’ vs saying ‘my balenciaga purse’, because you don’t need to have the exact bag or item to wear a similar style- you can recreate it with pieces that fit your taste and budget and that’s what I want to help with!

I filmed this video with Refinery29 + Ford around downtown LA to show off how I would actually wear these outfits in my real life / where I would wear them to. Thought I would show you how I would wear them as well as some of my favorite spots in downtown LA! Here are three outfits I’ve worn this week to get coffee, go on a lunch meeting and out for a dinner date plus the places that I like to go to!

Thanks for Ford for providing the Fusion Energi [optional features shown] to show you my favorite spots downtown + Refinery29 for working with me on today’s video!
I’m currently in New York attending their 29 Rooms event and it’s open to the public all weekend!
Refinery29- 29Rooms: http://r29.co/2cpzm03
2017 Ford Fusion [push button start requires key fob to be in your pocket / purse] | FORD: http://bit.ly/2cCPGga

I’m linking all the specific pieces I’ve worn / similar items / less expensive options on my blog! I post what I’m wearing and multiple options for all price points / search for similar looks so you don’t have to! If you want specifics make sure to go to carlycristman.com!

1. CUT OUTS [top shown: Varley, Pants: Nesh]
2. GYM SHOES [shoes: Nike]
3. BOMBER JACKETS [jacket: Zara]
5. SWEATER DRESSES [dress: Elliatt]
6. BOW CHOKERS [choker: Windsor]
7. LEATHER JACKET [jacket: BodaSkins]

COFFEE: Urth Caffe, Arts District. Iced Spanish Latte Strong
LUNCH: Zinc Cafe, Arts District. Shown: Vegetarian burger
DINNER: Sugarfish, Downtown LA.

If you enjoyed this video please let me know by giving this video a thumbs up / writing me a comment down below!

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Tina H says:

bow choker is terrible and doesnt stand up to your good taste. I need to pass on the suicidal-like shoelace

Art Sproge says:

Is this some kinda Ford advert?

safae hope says:

she look so arrogant

A KC says:

What happened to your face??? ?

May Fabris says:

Omg totally I love with all your videos?

Richa Kharshandi says:

you are funny. loved the outfits. xoxo

valerie saucedo says:

Do a freezing your a$$ off winter outfits video please o please!! ? you're gorgeous girl!!

Frances Melendez says:

Very professional, Fun, Sexy, and to the point!! That is how a vedio is done. Loved it Keep it up and you will be on the next Vogue Magazine for most wanted fashion looks of 2016

Monalisa Debbarma says:

she looks a little bit like ellie goulding

michelle vaz says:

so pretty n perfect

Ronja fox says:

really nice looking outfits ut they should be freezing cold in my country 😛 still getting inspired ;)

Preauta. sk says:

all I remember was the car:)))))))

Jakeelah Rogers says:

i am new like you all ready

jgrxy says:

You are such a cutie haha! "Sweaters to wear and latte's to drink" Bah!

Lina Jones says:

You make me want to get that car it's so cool omg

veronica Jacques says:

cool video :)

Tanin J. says:

I also love fall fashion so much and your outfits are sooo pretty!

Alyssa Thomas says:

Girl that's the wrong foundation

Ebonina says:

Omg the parking feature on the car hahhaha that's so cool ??

Sincere Johnson says:

What a clever way to advertise the Ford car. Awesome!

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