Fall Fashion Trends Haul 2015 | Suede, Fringe & More | Jaz Jackson

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Regal Rubbish says:

Omg you look so much like Nicki Minaj and also speak like her a bit! <3

Isy Enid says:

lovly video. i lov dem all. please where is ur black one u r putting on from?

Jackie Aina says:

You look spicy and I love that statement necklace on you!!

jon ettienne says:

Hey I love the black shirt u have on during this tutorial…. where'd you get it???

jon ettienne says:

Hey I love the black shirt u have on during this tutorial…. where'd you get it???

Courtney McCarter Rice says:

You look so classy in this video! Love it!

Shawnte says:

I love your style and you look like you could be nicki minaj's sister!! What a beauty!

ashley james says:

I like your try ons the clothes are cute. have you ever bought any clothes from fashion nova or can you do a try on for them I wanna order from there but I wanna see someone with a similar body type first lol

MissPecanTan89 says:

Loved the video Jaz and you look beautiful as always! ?? did you mention where you purchased the black shirt you're wearing here it's gorgeous!

HotBox24 says:

I absolutely love and never all that pieces

HotBox24 says:

I'm bottom heavy as well and that's why I love wearing belts too….

HotBox24 says:

I love your body btw

Veriguete1 says:

OMG i love the Denim Trench and the Tie up Pump but i can't find them on the website :(

Ashley Chennel Beauty says:

Love all of the pieces boo!

Meaghan B says:

Hey!! My name is Meaghan and I am new here on YouTube and I am looking to make new friends and network! You have great content and I've watched a few of your videos!! I would love to connect with you! <3

Jasmine Lane says:

Hey girl what's ur snapchat? I liked the fringe vest, the second one & the denim one ??

Joelle Galaviz (secretlifeofjoelly) says:

I'm also bottom heavy (not nearly as good of curves as you though) and long items do tend to make me larger singly because you can't see that the waist is smaller. They just make me look like a large straight log!? anyway, I'm in love with your clothing hauls! And you've got the fall trends down to a T! Good job!

MsSugaPlumPlum says:

snap chat sent me! I loved your video so professional.

Knicole Barrentine (MrsKnicoleB) says:

Love it.

Sharonda Mills says:

I'm from Chicago too so I know that weather is crazy lol. In Atlanta now, so no snow this winter! love this video Jaz ❤

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