Fall Fashion Trends 2016 Video: Velvet, Chokers and Matte Lips

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In this video I share my top 5 fall fashion trends for 2016! Check out the complete list of trends for more and a list of items mentioned in this video below.

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Trend #1: Velvet
Velvet was everywhere during New York Fashion Week! I picked up this velvet top at a sample sale while I was in the city because I just loved the style and color. Velvet is one of my favorite winter fabrics because it can dress up any look!

Trend #2: Chokers
I grew up in the 90’s, so I have worn a few chokers in my day. This is one of those trends that I am so happy came back in to style! They are coming in all different styles and fabrics like leather, suede, lace and more. I am wearing a simple black choker in this video, but I will link to a blog post where I am wearing one of my favorite styles by a brand called Fraiser.

Trend #3: The David Bowie Movement
We lost the music legend earlier this year and fashion is definitelyresponding. We are seeing Bowie influences everywhere from the “David Bowie Boot”, which I showcase in this video, to Ziggy Stardust inspired prints and designs. Check out the Valentino boots I mention in this video below!

Trend #4: Metallics
I am a firm believer that metallics are neutrals that can be worn with pretty much anything! However, metallics are a huge trend for fall 2016. We are seeing a lot of bright silver in particular right now. Everyone from Zara to Givenchy has been using silver and I am a huge fan.

Trend #5: The Matte Lip
The trend was made popular by Kylie Jenner and just keeps getting bigger and bigger! In the video, I am wearing a lip liner and gloss duo from Tarte, which I will link below. I’m obsessed with the color and love that it never leaves my lips dry.

Items featured in this video:

// Frasier Velvet Choker: http://bit.ly/2cYfjsx

// Blog post featuring the choker: http://sophiemaestyle.com/travel-stylejt-villager-in-joshua-tree/

// Valentino Boots: http://bit.ly/2dQyOlQ

Tarte Lip Contour Set: Tarteist

Let’s Get Social, Darling!

THE BLOG// http://sophiemaestyle.com/

THE INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/sophiemaestyle/

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