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FALL FASHION TRENDS Series starts TODAY!! I am breaking it down by category, beginning with coats & jackets. Thank you SO much for watching and subscribing! Erin xo






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Kaniz Farah Laila says:

Thanks erin…💕 u… 😊

Regain Your Confidence says:

Looking so forward to cooler weather and wearing some of these fall trends. It's still so hot here in Southern California. I love your videos ❤️. Thank for sharing your knowledge with us. Hugs, Chrissy

Beatrix Kemény says:

Hello from the rainy Luxemburg! What are the trench coat trends this year? Would you recommend these military style ones? What else? Many thanks for this nice summary of the fall trends on coats! I will check out the others as well.

Style n Fashion Works says:

Nice! Military Coats

Jennifer Johnson says:

I am loving these Fall Fashion Trends, it helps me narrow things down, gives me great ideas! Thank you!

Embellish Life says:

That was so much fun!!! I hope the next place we live I get to wear all my leather and fur!!! I miss it 🙂 Thanks so much, this was fun to watch… Little sad but fun all the same, LOL Hugs, Heidi 😉

CelesteLoveHeart says:

Thanks much love 💖💕

Elise Troop says:

The furs in that movie were fabulous esp the lion stole…poor lion though.

Patrice Ware says:

I love your style by the way LOL @ Coming to America reference

Pam Ravenscroft says:

Love love love your videos. I always feel like I have a chance at being stylish – thank you!!!

LovedHappy says:

Thanks for sharing! I love your input on these things 🙂 I love your insight about which trends you think will last a while, because that is always something I try to consider when purchasing things. I'd love to hear more about your knowledge and thoughts on this topic–knowing which trends are more investable and which ones you should pass on and what sort of pieces and cuts you consider timeless! Thanks 🙂 x Kaylyn

rachel martell says:

Love the video. So glad I found you! Telling all my friends about it. 🙂

Louann S. says:

Thanks Erin, you are on the ball, I love looking at all the coats, I buy them, but I have the hardest time making myself wear a coat. They usually end up just going along for the ride, in the backseat, well, at least I have it in case I need it !

ivanete roark says:

Hi Erin, where is the chevron jacket from last year from? I have to have it, I will try to hunt it down, I meant the faux fur one, thanks 🙂

Charlie Simmons says:

But I don't want to pick and choose, I want them all! Dang budget 😝

Jameela Latiff says:

Great video I love your content! This is so handy where I live we going into spring, now I can scoop up some of these items on sale for next season..also I bought a pair of Sam edelman booties after hearing you talk about the brand and I'm very impressed.xx

Days With Deb says:

Thank you! Love this!

Becky Nelson says:

I just can't jump on the bomber jacket bandwagon yet. I just don't find them attractive or flattering. But I could change my mind…I have been known to do that. I didn't think I'd ever buy a Chambray Shirt, but just did the other day and wore it today. Loved it 🙂

LifestyleOfLaura says:

Erin, I love your videos! Looking forward to your serious.

Dianne D Ballard says:

Trust your opinions so much!

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