Fall Fashion Preview With Trends For Fall 2016 | The View

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Luca D says:

joy is the opposite of her name damn salty

J. Doe says:

I'm sorry, but Joy needs to be off the discussion panel. She is acting like a negative "Debby Downer" on practically everything this poor girl is trying to present. Gag order and put little Miss Joy – Lackluster in the corner. On the other hand, thank you for the style ideas!!

Sahara Desert Owl says:

really!!! these so called trends are so last century!!!!

ralbury1 says:

Where brand is the velvet dress?

Vacaycaycay says:

Such ugly trends..

Nico J says:

I freaking LOVE Sara Haines. Her fashion face was killing me. lmao

selective viewer says:

If you're gonna go back to a decade for style designs, go back to one that is timeless. 80's and 90's had the worst fashions. Designers have ran out of ideas and resorted to what we've seen in this video. Next please.

selective viewer says:

Reverting back to the 90's styles. Ew!

isgravybaby says:

I love it when these fashion people say things like "Women are afraid to wear the same color head to toe," or "It's an unexpected color pairing," or "She can wear this into fall," or "Don't be afraid to put suede on suede." . . . I know that I as well as most women wear what the hell they want! And grown women aren't afraid to wear what they want. She must be talking about teenagers.

August Moonlight says:

Great more unaffordable trends, yaysssss

Geri Schiavino says:

Wow Joy, stay home if you're so over it all. Her attitude was embarrassing.

dali badgett says:

Joy is suck a grouch! Lol

Marie-Sophie Laborieux says:

Joy is being a kill-joy today…LOL

Reminds me of my mom.

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