Fahrenheit by Christian Dior Fragrance/Cologne Review (1988)

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Fahrenheit by Christian Dior Cologne Fragrance Review (1988). Please Rate , Comment & Subscribe .. Song :Nelly – Hot in Herre.

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912alldaylong says:

I have 2 bottles of 200ml of this juice, thinking of a third bottle before
they might reformulate the juice, a 10/10 juice…

john doe says:

if this guy robes likes it gotta be worth a try

Sebajone says:

Are there any difference between the spray and the lotion apres-rasage?

Aris K says:

Top of the tops, totally agree with you

Fredrik29Sweden says:

My top 5

hhatexas says:

@vaportrails77 there are a TERRIBLE lot of counterfeits of this online.
make sure if purchasing via the web, you hunt for a reputable dealer.
random amazon shops have burned many a buyer.

femmy321 says:

Man! Arguably the best out there. It’s crazy because of the length of
existence, and it’s still the most adorable of all colognes i have ever

aidenryu says:

It looks legit. Do you have dry skin? I do, and let me tell you, my skin
eats up fragrances! I get lucky if I get 6-8 hours with anything!! How long
does the smell last on you?

silverss onyoutube says:

had a look at this today, price was still $94 sheesh!!

jumar1281 says:

stick to fragrancenet

shogunate83 says:

This is a BUY, listen to the man.

sexyb3ast5 says:

@6BURG9 i definitely will. thanks a lot man.

lfmars98 says:

Great fragrance!! I bought this based on you and Tim’s review. Thnx!!!

Ozwald Cornelius says:

I love this fragrance but I’m looking for something to move on to from
Fahrenheit – any ideas?

vaportrails77 says:

@kashifkhan13 Just to throw another one by you. Its called Versace
Man….not the eu fraiche but just versace man. I just picked it up
tonight. I gotta say it is a powerhouse!! I was looking for a more mature
fragrance and this did not let me down. To be quite honest I can pick up
the tobacco more in this one than the dreamer. Great fragrance!!!!

RochasMan702 says:

This one is FIRE! The body temperature of the women smelling you will
rocket on one whiff, their eyes will light up with intrigue and attraction.
Awe-inducing drydown, uber potent and lasting. This is my Musc Ravageur

carlosZ1981 says:

Farenheit shines when it dries…. It has great projection and longevity
and smells great hours later, it’s like wine, when u first spray it it’s
harsh and vinegary, but the longer it driesnthe more mellow and smooth it
gets. Great cologne, def. A woody floral musk.

aidenryu says:

Whoa that’s crap! Do you have dry skin? No matter what, I’m sure you’re
supposed to get at least 6 hours even with the dryest skin. I don’t think
it’s authentic or maybe it was stored in harsh conditions! I say get your
money-back or try to get an exchange! Does the serial number on the box
match the bottle?

kendy4 says:

this fragance is amazing! One for the unique guy i can say that, i love it!

OSkRank3nz says:

Hi guys,can suggest me other perfume close to fahrenheit?

teameymelli1 says:

Funny how Dior chose to name it Fahrenheit, when Europe uses Centigrade…

ajohan7 says:

Love your videos bro!

Ace Heart says:

Interesting U know your Fragrance history. I used to love HEIT but had to
let it go when I notice to many other guys smelling the same way. Out of
all the colognes I have owend (and I have owend a few) the HEIT is the only
one I truly miss (and Issey Miyake). I recently got a hold of a fragrance
called Deamonds that reminds me alot of the Heit. I was wondering if you
had heard of it?

jnthnnixon says:

I gatta get a bottle of this.how much is the 3.4 ounce of this in the

TheHabsfan1993 says:

I’m sorry to say this….but….I do not like the smell of this cologne!!!

shawnrickys nicholas says:

im 28 i used to weare that cologne in 1989 i own about 11 bottles of the
same as this one i love it its just a classy smell and you cant go WRONG,

iamthestratman says:

I must say I do not get the slightest hint of gasoline, petroleum, or
rubber. Very good fragrance but I think the most prominent smell is a
mossy-woodsy vibe that kicks in after about 20 min on my skin. I have heard
many say it isn’t a summer cologne, but I strongly disagree. This is one of
few colognes I have experienced that do not start to turn sour when mixed
with sweat. So if you have a job where you sweat, or its really hot, this
is a great way to go

nafism6969 says:

you can tell when you have a quality cologne. after smelling this you KNOW
its quality. this is def quality material. the scent is very very very very

blueribbonbullies says:

I just found a bottle in storage of this..I had it since junior high
school..and yes it was a PANTYDROPPER hah..the little line of potion I had
left was no good but it was nice smelling the sprayer!!! There’s NOTHANG
that smells like it..and it doesn’t smell dirty to me..it was and still is
bold and modern and warm..reminded me a cinnamon fuel with a different
direction on the back of it..know it’s not in the notes..and ONE spray was
good enough..I was knocking ALL the females to this and one o

jrfan8828 says:

I got a bottle of Drakkar Noir for my birthday when I was 24 yrs and I wore
only that til the spring of 2012 when a Goody’s sales person talked me into
getting Polo Blue for the summer. Loved it!!!! I guess what I’m gettin at
is there is more than one fragrance out there and thanks to me finding ur
reviews I’ve collected about 7 fragrances since spring. Penguin, Code,
Acqua Di Gio, Burberry for men, Unforgivable, and today Farhenheit.
Fahrenheit is my fab so far! Thanks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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