Fahrenheit by Christian Dior | Fragrance Review

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Smell 01:35 | Other Peoples Opinions 05:26 | Ratings 07:14 Petroleum fueled fragrance. Leather, violet leaf and musk are the main notes I get from this fragr…

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JmeJ83 says:

What the flippin’eck is Roland on about, clean and refreshing :/ Lol Wonder what he would say if you gave him some Acqua Di Gio, spicy and dank?!?! 😛

og gabriel says:

another wonderful review… contact the wise guys for our Dior collection for sell ,, check out the video ..

dracdoc says:

gotcha.. cool..got lucky i guess

dracdoc says:

it does

dracdoc says:

Thank you

socradanto says:

I like your videos! You’ve got a new subscriber.

gappster says:

it looks fake

Geraldo Neto says:

masterpiece, definitly! Best designer scent on Earth by far!

EdwardP88 says:

It took me a long time to find a fragrance that I can tolerate all day. Fahrenheit is that fragrance. This is my signature scent, I’m almost on my third bottle and I get so many compliments from it. I’m so surprised at your review but I have heard someone tell me they hate it as well. I love it!

KrisV760 says:

This is the only one i wear and the women love it

N4778 says:

a Masterpiece.  Classic.

Tal Mamatov says:

your bottle is pre-reformulation. the version currently on sale in the stores has been de-balled. RIP Farenheit

dracdoc says:

With the good.. comes the bad 🙂 Gotta take hits somewhere

Ada Wong says:

Like you, this is one scent that everyone keeps raving about that I just can’t stand. I think it is the the violet leaf-leather combination, but it makes my stomach turn and I haven’t got to the point of tolerating it at all 🙁 I’ve smelt it 3 times on people and about 5 on paper and it only makes me nauseous. So kudos for you for being so brave and doing a review on something you don’t like lol

BigFmKing says:

Good review Cody. I can generally understand why some people may not like this fragrance(even though I love it). But I really disagree with the age you recommended. Highschool?! I really cant see a highschool kid wearing this. I would go more like 20 and up, and even then only if you are more of a “mature” kind of guy.

Scoffstache says:

very “meh” fragrance for me.

biggerm82 says:

This one will forever be on my shelf. Great review, Cody!

dracdoc says:

Ill take a look at it

dracdoc says:

If you can spare it.. i say go for it

maddmaxx46 says:

Nice review!

spicoZilla says:


mrzayas81 says:

Amazing indepth review Cody,Thanks foe reviewing this masterpiece,one of the best fragrances ever made

Jay Ford says:

Does anyone know where to get smaller quantites of scents like GIT, and Angel Men.

mistamoneyman82 says:

Im 30 and love this stuff since like middle school. I have a lot of different juices that smell similar, therefore keeping me from purchasing it. But every time I smell this stuff I get flash backs and want to buy. For some reason I value your opinion@drac what would you do.

DMOtron32 says:

We are on the same boat…I can’t get around the scent but if many others like it then it must be a great frag.

BlackStampede says:

Hey Bro, do a review on Prada Luna Rossa available only at Macy’s right now. I know you’ll love it..& to every1 looking at this follow me on Instagram at _Tailored and look at my collection!

saeidhakimi says:

I had it long time ago but not again it doesnt work for me!

TobiasTheArtist says:

I know those were some sorry choices but my uncle gave me a cool water oil and it smells amazing to me. Smells like GIT. Tell me if you wanna buy some from my unc lol. If you like GIT.

munkeynutz13 says:

I can’t believe this is still around! I’m 37 and used to wear this back in high school. Was very popular. Now a video review 20+ years later…wow! One my all time favorites, though I don’t own any now. Lots of good memories though.

dracdoc says:

Haha, fair enough. I try and detach myself from the overall rating.. or the scent rating as much as i possibly can. I mean.. scent is still my opinion but still.. I try and detach

dracdoc says:

I like cool water better

Samir Fayed says:

I’m with you on the scent. I don’t like it at all and I’m quite surprised a lot of people love it. Funny how the nose works!

DGreg846 says:

A Classic for sure. It’s true Fahrenheit changed from when I used to wear it back in the day. It smells the same but watered down. If you don’t like it now you would’ve hated it back then. I’m talking beast projection & longevity.
Thanks for reviewing this one Cody!

cwells1289 says:

Hey Dracdoc, out of curiosity, what do you do for work?

Daniel Davis Jr says:

this and aqua go is like peanut butter and jelly

Greggieboy76 says:

Excellent, objective review. Post people would rate lower if they did not personally like the scent!! Fahrenheit is my number 1 frag of all time!! Don’t want to blow smoke up your ass, but You are currently the best fragrance reviewer in the community in my opinion! Keep up the good work fella!, Greg from UK

Taylor Bookout says:

Im in the same boat as you, love the smell of gasoline, don’t like the smell of petrol. Though im not a fan of this frag i might still get a bottle just because it is so unique and classic.

Tom G. says:

I blind bought a 1.7 of this for like $40 maybe a year ago. It’s definitely unique. Smells pretty synthetic, plasticy smell on the open. It’s as thick as any fragrance I’ve ever sprayed. It dries down into an oily flowery scent, still thick but more accessible to me. Autumn/Winter only for me – you’ll crush someone in the heat with this sucker. I’ve worn it to work in the colder months but I find it to be a date/night out scent. 8-10+ hours.

It’s hard for me to get past that open.

TrujilloJr87 says:

Great Video Dracdoc Not one of my favorite colognes I tried hard to like it I had both the current and the vintage formulation I spent over a year trying to like it I threw mine away

MyMickers says:

Great vid bro! This is one def has it’s own unique character. I would like to have seen your face the first time you smelled it, lol

jeffrey18930576 says:

Great video, Thanks !

rhaybans says:

glad you stuck with it drac. Love it.

df393 says:

fahrenheit is an amazing fragrance. i bought it years ago and loved it. i bought it in 2012 (At sephora), and it was a new bottle design. i took it home and i realized it was VASTLY different from the fahrenheit i knew and loved. THEY REFORMULATED IT! I’m just warning all of you that what is being sold at the store isn’t the same Fahrenheit that Dracdoc is talking about.

Ghyll says:

I love how unique it is, especially if an young man wears it. My brother uses it (he’s 18) in school and it makes him a real standout when everyone else wears 1 million and other overused youth beloved scents. And it does get compliments, though some people don’t like the opening ( strong petrol smell) but when it brightens a little bit it becomes really appealing to most.
I love it, definitely in my top 3, the only drawback is the performance on my skin… It’s not strong as everybody says.

theLupeXperience says:

Great review, not a fan of the fragrance though.

donskidarko says:

This was my signature scent during the 90’s. I love this! A classic! I understand how others don’t like it very much…I’m not sure though if they reformulated it during the 2000’s haven’t smelt the newer version. I have absolute now, its almost similar to my nose. 🙂
Great review! Props for being fair despite your not being a real fan of the scent!

CreedFragz34 says:

Great review as always. This stuff is classic and will always be in my collection.

J Owen says:

My dad owns a shop, I grew up there for a lot of my childhood, he paints cars, this frag is very personal to me. Reminds me of the paint, body putty dirt and old oil mixed on the top. When I first smelled this on a tester I thought it was comical, so I bought a 1.7 just to have. First application soon as the base comes in on skin, perfection. Try this on skin not on paper anyone going to test.

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