Face to Face Lagerfeld vs Saint Laurent rus sub

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Ice Blue says:

It cannot be denied Yves Saint Laurent was so handsome. Must have broken the heart of so many women who had a crush on him.

Ice Blue says:

Wondering what would have happened if Saint Laurent remained faithful to Pierre Berge and did not do drugs. I like their love story. In his biography movie, Saint Laurent told Berge – You're the love of my life. But I want him (referring to the guy he was crazy about). I wish there is reincarnation so they could live their love all over again and life it a little differently

Ice Blue says:

Thank you for this video. I love them both. May they rest in peace.

Seyit Rudern says:

Yves forever will be King.

Mondo says:

Saint-Laurent was most certainly the greater designer – several of his creations are icons of their time. I cannot honestly say the same about any of Lagerfeld's creations.

Carducci1959 says:

Saint Laurent changed the history fashion, Lagerfeld simply exploited the success of Coco Chanel!

nanli 81 says:

The King of fashion is only one The Kaiser.

Massimo Giordano says:

MAGNIFIQUE,,,TWO DIFFERENT ICONS DE LA MODE,,,,,YSL….and ,,,KARL ✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻🌹🌹🌹🌸🌸🌸🏵🏆🏆❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🖤🖤🖤🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub says:

"Mademoiselle Chanel…she of whom YSL saw himself as the natural heir? What does that mean???

hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub says:

I had no idea Karl is actually older than Yves bc Yves retired decades before, while Karl worked up until the very end

Teddy Kurniawan says:

2 legendary fashion designers! 💝
26:42 OMG thats the Tribute Sandals. Lol

Nicki LovesDogs says:

Only use fake fur please.

Nicki LovesDogs says:

Claudia Schiffer looks the most identical to Brigitte Bardot.

Nicki LovesDogs says:

The brutality of war and drafting people is horrendous. The poor YSL young man crushed under this monstrous situation of being drafted not knowing where to go then hated by examiners, bullied by brutes and hospitalized. Makes me cry. He was a delicate flower. This story teaches us that war is Never an option. Now they are together at the Orion Nebula and free from the coldness of existence.

Esienne Oku says:

Absolutely utterly wonderful!! Many thanks for sharing this gem.!!

Del Thomas says:

Karl's snobish notion of not wanting to be a shopkeeper/owner, is ridiculous because since he worked in the shop, he was therefore an assistant which, at the time, was considered even lowlier.

Alexander Hurtado says:

Yves lost his talent at the end his last show in 2002 looked like the 80s and not fresh at all really burnt out

guillaume boonenn says:

Vionnet, Patou, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Dior, Gres, Cardin, Saint Laurent, Gaultier ….et tant d'autres presque oubliés: Sherrer, Balmain, Courreges, G Laroche, et les sublimes drapés d'Ungaro

alexandreintouch says:

Now we know both died mega Stars …Yves Saint Laurent after being the naughtiest of naughty for years , clubbing , experimenting all drugs …around his 40s retrieved , became a Garbo style mega rich Diva in his divines homes among an Art collection ( sales was for the art was close to $500…not the homes…just the paintings and furnitures….) Yves became a total reclusive , while Karl just like Saint Laurent ( but Saint Laurent few saw and heard it , camera and TV shy ) was really funny and witty till he died , not shy always on french TV shows, becoming a living Label , more famous for his punch lines and his "Logofeld" , kind of pop start status , a sensation to been seen and heard ….
……Yves dating Karl's protègé , Jacques De Bascher did not help …the 70s….sex , drug , and Aids …witch unfortunately took Jacques's very active sex life , Karl never did drug , nor alcohol and always said had 0 interest in having sex ?!? ….but that affair btw the two former friends did not help….
Saint Laurent' s BF Pierre Bergé put and end to it , and maybe saved Yves's life too….
But the work was there Saint Laurent was dressing the 60s 70s really freeing woman and creating a timeless Style , YSL was not doing fashion , he was making timeless wearable pieces that empowered women, in a very feminine sexy way …..having a real impact on women's wardrobe , power, sexy and simple lines, he is the real inventor of simple timeless Elegance ……the Tuxedo jacket over a pair of jeans, simple black dress , first pants suits Haute couture , see through blouse, bold mix of colors , animals prints , first black models and first Haute Couture designer to have ready to wear stores around the world…. real visionary ….on and on the legacy is there and to stay!
 …..now Karl whom I adore also , was capable of producing in quantity , at some point doing 10 collections a years , revamping Chanel , Fendi , Chloe (now closed) , his label tho never really took off ? being also in the book printing business , H&M….( tho YSL in early 80's had done some catalogue clothes…) but capable of producing so much , but fashion , doing fashion…..in and out ….i cannot say what really is a signature piece or look , Lagerfeld ? there was a lot , he did a lot it came and went …but , among a giant crowd you could spot Karl …..that is his real legacy ….Karl super Star !
love both for different reasons …..like Yves said : Style remains….fashion comes and goes …..
the names are there, Coco Chanel , Christobal Balenciaga , Mr Christian Dior , Hubert De Givenchy , Karl Lagerfeld ,
and Yves Saint Laurent ….the big 6 that really left a significant print , Karl….a beautiful well made productive German engine…..
and Yves an his visionary immense legacy , who until the end produced the most extraordinary timeless pieces ever made ……love them both for their differences …( check out online both Yves Saint Laurent Museums…Paris and Marrakesh )
though KL said he wanted to vanish and not being worshiped after his death..I doubt that ?….
 they both deserve to be well remember.

timothy hopkins says:

Wonderful wonderful !

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