EXCLUSIVE – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding planning at Lanvin Store

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EXCLUSIVE – While Kim Kardashian was at Givenchy for a possible Wedding dress fitting with Designe Riccardo Tisci, Kanye does some shopping at Balmain Store. Then the couple get reunited at Lanvin Store where they had a meeting with Lanvin Designer Alber Elbaz. Then the couple made a stop at Balmain to take some shopping bags on their way to the Airport
Paris, France on monday April 14, 2014

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Exquisite XOX says:

I don't know why people hate Kanye !!! I LOVE Kanye !!! 

Dualshock 4 says:

Keep buying their albums and ticket concerts you retards.. Your making em richer

Huy T says:

Kanye smiles! That's really rare to see haha

Pooh Davis says:

This woman is doing nothing but drive up the cost of every couples wedding for the next 2 frickin' years. "I want to be like Kim…yada, yada, yada".
Hey Ms. Jenndashian..get a job at Dairy Queen at $8.50 an hour and live like some of the kids you influence. Maybe then you'll learn the damage you do. 

Jamie Robert says:

The French papa are nice unlike the USA

Polo God says:

yeah kanye open the door for that slut lol….

Glenn Jackson says:

E is paying for this wedding too so yea it's gonna be big, and over the top. They won't pay a dimes out of pocket that was the desk that was made. Plus Kanye wants everyone to know he got kim nasty ass locked down. He will now start taking half her money from her sex tape since he is her off the books manager. Watch off mom, looks like your cash cow is moving her business.

Haci says:

Kanye walks like a retard

SuperPerfect10 says:

Kanye brushes his fans off for even a picture, he is forgetting that those people are the ones buying his albums and tickets for his concert. Like don't treat them like that…

ha katharina says:

C'étais quand ??

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