EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS before it is deleted, Why is Gucci Mane hiding it

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EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS before it is deleted, Why is Gucci Mane hiding it world news

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Quran Holland says:

,But u can get lost in the sauce …. 💯

mfpl@gmail.com Rogers says:

Ummme the Real Gucci Mane still lock up that's how I feel lol 🤔may be its the bud I'm smoking 🚬

jopimp14 says:

Rip the real Killa Gucci

Alejandro Velazquez says:

We all clones 😂😂

Stone Rivert says:

Y’all ain’t got no idea whts really going on this green earth 🤦🏾‍♂️

Brian Larios says:

If you meet him ask him are you the real Gucci & record it

mamaw Yourmaw says:

Could do with sub titles

Victor Miranda says:

There are more than 50 genders

Micheal Ammons says:

Yap what he said.

Terrence Jackson says:

The real Gucci was at least 6 ft 4 200 and something pounds when I saw back in the day.That new dude don't even have the real GA swagger.

Sounds ST says:

They did something to Gucci

Colin Broussard says:

People gotta change 🤷🏽‍♂️

albron_quickscope_james says:

the real gucci mane is probably in somebodys trunk as we speak. rip gucci this new guy weird. They probably cloned 6ix9ine too

אלירן כרמלנ says:

Cloning is a real thing if you think about it they even made a company where you can clone your dead dog they even made a documentary about a sheep cloning goddam wake up they even clone your fruit and vegetables.

Teon Mazyck says:

Gucci can hide what he want stop invading my mans privacy

HEXO Play210 says:

he would of been buffer#1 #2 he would of been tall the one rn is sized off #1 your voice and accent never changes

Kaleni Yanga says:

trap house was classic

Goldvibes 99 says:

he's cloned

Zede Israel says:

The nigga got new teeth and lost alot of weight… Ya'll cant tell those teeth he has now aren't his… He really had a make over done…

Midnight says:

Them contacts

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