Europe Shopping Haul Handbag Collection| Chanel Classic, Boy & Hermes Lindy & Garden Party Unboxing

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Bag Suggestions:

Similar to Chanel Le Boy ( White )
Option 1 by VALENTINO:

Similar to Chanel Classic ( Brown )

Similar to Hermes Garden Party ( Gold 30 )
Michael Kors:

Current Favourites:

CHLOÉ – Gala leather bucket bag $1,350

TOM FORD-Natalia mini textured-leather shoulder bag $2,590

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BeachyBlonde21 says:

Isn't your beige/tan Chanel a Mini Flap… it only has the 2 grommets instead of four like the small classic flap?

BeachyBlonde21 says:

Is the Boy an Old Medium! 🙂 Beautiful

Alina Mazlan says:

Lovely bags? May I know what colour is your garden party.

Alina Mazlan says:

Lovely bags? May I know what colour is your garden party.

Eva Chan says:

Lovely haul, do you recall the color of the Lindy? It look more pinky from TV

Of Birkins and Men says:

Love the garden party with the twilly!!

PB PB says:

love the gold color in both bags + the red is pretty – is the small chanel seasonal? i know mini's are single flap and thought that other classic's were all double flaps, am i cracking up?! ha! I have the garden party but i never reach for it! i thought perhaps because it has no strap but i LOVE, LOVE my pico's so would not make sense! great vid!

Angela Bonanza says:

Hi! I have a question – is the camel colored flap bag a single flap?

Vivien Berisha says:

Your bags are beautiful! Can you tell the exact price of the Boy Bag? Which size is it? Thanks :)

bimblaq says:

omg i just came back from Paris & i got a navy Garden party as well:) may ask which Hermes had the Constance bag? I went to all of them & they looked it up in the computer system all they had was a ballet Constance..similar to Chanel WOC so i passed:(
P:S. great haul! Did u go vintage shopping as well?:)

okapi323 says:

Aaamazing haul. When you shipped back your purchases to HK, did you end up having to pay custom duties?

Jasper Chi says:


mayteoh84 says:

can I know what is the color name of your Lindy? thanks :)

alnsubuga says:

Your GP is beautiful. They always looked too big when I saw them instore, but now I'm reconsidering as your 30 seems the perfect size. Enjoy your new goodies!

vicky park says:

I love your style and been following you on youtube! Please do more videos!! Please~~~

Miss Apples says:

What a great haul from Europe! Congratulations on all your wonderful purchases. I hope to see some review videos in the immediate future!

Sally Sok says:

Can I ask what you do for a living?

Jekaterina Makusenko says:

Great purchases! What was the price of a small Chanel bag?

Bebe R says:

Love all of your things…:)..

林明怡 says:

Love your videos!

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