Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015 Show – Best Of

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cieszak4 says:

name of track: Zamilska – Duel 35

DjBLaKSponge says:

Cool video, cool collection! whats the song

Danilo Ramos says:

Some forms and structures, remind me of the fall 2010 Jil Sander.

Guillermo Patricio Araya says:

Fahrenheit, mi perfume el cual no solo tiene un buen nombre sino que
también porta dirección y correo postal. Fahrenheit. Dior

Wanda Tracey says:

What a great collection of dresses.I enjoyed the video.

Erik James says:

One of my favorite collections that Raf has done for Dior so far (besides
his first couture show of course). The set was great and so was the music.
Well done Raf & the design team at Dior.

Jakub Szestowicki says:

Track: DUEL by Zamilska

Cuau Guerra says:

Gorgeous everything, from the models, to the set design, to the music.

Clara Lupinetti says:

Buongiorno ……….

Jesu Fernandez Menedez says:


Laura Iglesias says:

Impressive collection! Definitely inspiring. 

Skupidu Germany says:

Dior опубликовали видеоверсию показа коллекции Pre-Fall 2015, прошедшего
несколько дней назад в Токио.

ger6111 says:

man….their still just clothes w out John!!

LuxurySpirits says:

Awesome, spectacular, models, catwalk environment.@Dior#tokio

May. Ka. says:

Magic mood. Zamilska& Dior rules ! 

utop ia says:

I want all of the rain coats… And that hairstyle!

Porapol Klunkaew says:

I love Raf’s choice of music. And the collection is superb.

Perla La. says:

Beautiful pieces!! Really chic. J’adore Dior 

Tomasz Siergiej says:


Cielo Jordan says:

I wish I could’ve been there <3

Ángel Guardián de la Mod@* says:

Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015 Show – Best Of:
+Christian Dior #AGDLM #fashion #moda #dior

ZOE Magazine says:

Esprit Dior #Tokyo 2015: watch the video on …#fashionhits #dior

ry ba says:

zamilska – duel.mp3

Arno Mayorga says:

A Parisian in Tokyo: Raf Simons’ shows in Tokyo 

qutek100 says:

very good music

Al Día con Mapy says:

Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015 Show – Best Of – YouTube

Charlie Davies says:

Love the soundtrack to this show

NoUse ForAname says:

Woooooooooooooow Raf Very Hot <3 Dior! 

Aida Prelgauskaite says:


xds94 says:

He is a genius! 



Geofanny Tambunan says:


lvivskie says:


Pau Vege says:


Skupidu says:

Dior опубликовали видеоверсию показа коллекции Pre-Fall 2015, прошедшего
несколько дней назад в Токио.

stefands93 says:

Awesome mood in this video, thank you so much !

Blooblood Milano says:


Madzik Madzik says:


should be CHIC says:

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