EPIC Hermes Unboxing | How I Got My FIRST BIRKIN in PARIS!

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Disclaimer: This gift was given to me by my husband for my wedding gift. I never promote a product to you guys that I would not use and believe in – My thoughts and views expressed are always honest and picky…in a good way 😉

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Brenda Garcia says:

I love your page – clear and high quality videos! Immediately subscribed.

Josie Reneitte says:

Beautiful bag!!! Congrats!

Hanna Obaidy says:

may I ask why they reject some people from purchasing a bag? I don't quite understand.

Christina C says:


christineip2013 says:

Thanks for sharing all the helpful tips. Hope I can purchase a Kelly from the Hermes store one day. ?

BaNter Entertainment: DIY with @fancienanc says:

Congratulations, I just bought a bleu Atoll with Gold hardware in a 35cm, it's a candy color! I love your bag. It's so classic & the 30 looks like it will hold it's shape better! I hope you have many years of enjoyment from your bag. @fancienanc ;)

Jan Cleeren says:

So nice to see you gir! This Rosy's Luxury closet from TPF. The bag is beautiful and you are GORGEOUS! Wear her in good health dear.
Ps: just subscribed to your channel xo

Inside Civ's Closet says:

Congrats!!! Thanks for sharing your story. Totally worth the trip. Thanks for the tips :o) Civ

FCappy loves... says:

She is beautiful! Enjoy her in good health. Just watch for color transfer but don't let it stop you from using her. They are hearty bags. Happy to see you are using twillys. I would rather dirty those than the handle. Mine is 5 yrs this year and still looks brand new! Welcome to the Club ???

Vini Johnson says:

Wow! You have given me the best video on tips and recommendations for buying a Birkin. I probably will never have one but yours is the best. Thanks and keep filming!

PB PB says:

congrats! score! i do love the 25 too + it has been harder to get in the past btw! love trench! enjoy!

Lux- topia says:

It's divine! Congratulations ?

Anna Louisa Rubek Nielsen says:

SHES STUNNING! I'm so excited for you. Love the colourcombo, so classic and elegant. Your husband is incredibly generous 🙂
Happy new year hun xx

mizfranz13 says:

beautiful bag Crystal! Thanks for sharing. Would you be doing an updated purse collection? That would be so fun to watch:)

resa ling says:

Omg how stunning is that crystal ???so happy for you,congratulations.btw if you don't mind how much it cost in usd?thanks???

drunclear says:

That Trench is a gorgeous neutral color! Wow you got so lucky because I hear it's hard getting these bags. Thanks for explaining everything and giving us some tips on buying and your color selection. If I go to FSH, do you recommend the main or side entrance? XOXO

MrsCottonCandy DarlingLife says:

Happy Tuesday To You !!!
Thank you for sharing !!! Big Hugs =)

patricia freitas says:

Congrats what a beautiful bag! Great video!

mary draper says:


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