[ENG CC] 150626 Wu Yifan @ Givenchy Paris Fashion Week interview with iFeng

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Translated and subbed by: http://twitter.com/shuaijerks

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xXSoldier08YangXx says:

Honestly, for his new look for this fashion show, Kris looked pretty awesome! I loved his new hairstyle and his suit! It actually looked "futuristic", cool, and seems to match him too. He can definitely pull this look. 🙂 Kris Wu, you looked so cool and mature in here!!! =D

La La says:

His hand look like bigger than his face , is it true?

seimeichan says:

kris i dare you! strut in heels next time,ok?

EXO EH says:

Oh his gummy smile! +XINGMI MEIGENI 

inaka kibz says:

fffaaacckkk….his voice. and yea his appearance and personality is so different, its perfect haha. i still cant believe we share the same birthday and even blood group 😀 happiness. i've even got the gummy smile like him..i hate my smile but it looks great on him somehow..i mean who am i kidding..he is wu yifan ^_^

sara jehar says:

How can SM.E even fight in a lawsuit with someone this nice..

7JM89 says:

1:40 so cute! aww…

แก๊ง มาเฟียกุหลาบแดง says:

You're beautiful ?

Park Jiminnie says:

i couldn't even read the subs about coz i find myself staring at his face….admiring his face….omg what is wrong with me …. his voice…. I CAN'T EVEN 
wailing behind the door

mrsDOCTEUR says:

Who was he talking about?

민결비 says:

why your appearance and your personality are so different? LOL

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