Emporio Armani Men’s Fall Winter 2018-19 Fashion Show – Backstage

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Delve into the atmosphere backstage at the Emporio Armani Men’s Fall Winter 2018-19 Fashion Show: see what happens before the models hit the runway and appreciate the fine details of the collection.

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haruma yuna says:

name of song?

ArcoCavalcant Cavalcant says:

Bonguier Beautifly Colletuon

ArcoCavalcant Cavalcant says:

Jan Year´s 2018 Alta InverNi Potter Mem The Mem Fusier Pari Bonguier MEDI Ice Free Ice 0 Mather Center Blacki One Blacky Sport Tele Cine Film NEW YORK NEW I LOVE NY ! Army Millitr´s Army Inspirem TrumMcDonaldAmerican Older Millionris Older Sir´s Sir´s Age Age it´s Name ……Armani …. Ar .

васыль says:

Щеглы блять

Melissa says:

my man better wear Armani 😫💦

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