Elie Saab | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Elie Saab | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 by Elie Saab | Full Fashion Show in High Quality. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – Paris/France)

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Sheren000 Ppoollkk says:

تصاميم روعه

tracey yeoman says:

I thought each gown was exquisite the Duchess of Sussex in that Purple chiffon would be outstanding.

Jamila Ayaou says:

Bravoooo. Elie

Jamila Ayaou says:

جميل. جدا.

Tevin D says:

6:10 what song is this!?!

Leonie Gureghian says:

Mon cher Elie, poussez vos modeles a sourire un peu … On dirait des robots, quoi?
En regard de la ligne que vous presentez, elegance, classique, couture tous sont fantastique … as usual!

Ayollar Markazi says:

Not bad not iconic just good

Divesh Vijayanandakumar says:

I have a question, the people who are sitting, do they have enough time to process the looks and make mental notes? Do they take pictures to remember? some people just see a flash of the models walk past them how do they even gather the look enough to make a relevant decision. What do they even do there? are they buyers?

Don Vu says:

It was pretty but lately I think his taste is getting kind of tacky

Chucky chuck says:

Is he selling though?


Love it 👌🏻

Brenda Fuller says:

I enjoy this designer! Is it safe to say I didnt like ALL of the designs?????

劉融融 says:


Lorelei says:

Exquisite collection. Womanly shapes, good quality materials and real craftmenship. Bravo!

4evr Alone says:

Giorgio Armani Prive for me won the whole season

Le Bacon says:

I love the fact that Saab has pushed his own boundaries as now, he started to experiment with tailoring, form and structure not just beading. This collection truly proved how he has transformed the brand since the first collection being showed in Paris 15 years ago. I love the prints and some of the look with padded shoulders and cannot wait to see how celebs will pull each dress and looks off on the red carpet. Truly one of the highlights of the couture week and also love the Spanish flair.

lisa koola says:

i really love Elie dresses it’s elegant and simply gorgeous!

lisa koola says:

9:07 what song is playing ?

minnie saab says:


H Wf says:

Accedently played This video in my pocket and i thought a HUGE bee was attacking me

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