ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2018-19 Fashion Show

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Song: Passengers (feat. Jacqueline Jones)
Artist: Roderic

Song: Foreign Love
Artist: Otzeki
Label: Kobalt Music

Song: Dystopia (Original Mix)
Artist: Sam Shure
Label: Stil vor Talent

Song: Finally (Dayne S Deep Mix)
Artist: Sweed, Jalana
Label: Deepalma

Song: Mediterranean Nights
Artist: Håkan Eriksson
Label: Epidemic Sound

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Jaba Mahou says:

Maha Jaba 23

Jaba Mahou says:

Jinane zjnbz

Vsia Vsiachyna says:

Very nice colection!!!😍😍😍👏👏👏👏

Trent Lanuer says:

5:02 head turning entrance

Blessed Favoured says:

Stunning. From Kenya…Love your designs..

AB94 says:

I love Ellie Saab. The shapes are always stunning. Every choice looks deliberate and thought out, whilst still retaining the feeling of freedom and lightness. The clothes are a lovely blend of old and new, masculine and feminine, heavy and light ; all of which makes a collection that are gorgeous to look at and made to be worn.

Amoosh Gamoosh says:

16:10 🙏🏻👰🏻

Maricar Studio says:

E.S. never fail. So talented. even if you give this guy a burlap he could still turn it into a fab creation!

Serge H says:

Same fashion show repeated 20 times over 20 years. Off course clothes are beautiful but time for a new creations

Лорка Лорка says:

колекция очень красивая,респект

هند هند says:

يجنن يجنن احلى عرض شفته الموديلات مبتكره والخامات تجنن هالمصم خطير مبدع

Rosita Zurita says:

Que hermoso me incanta la moda

evimlck says:


Svetlana Barkanova says:


ceciLOVEtaco says:


Carla Bruni says:

J'ADORE se que vous faites élégance classe je vous adore si seulement je pouvais avoir une chance d'apprendre quelque chose de vous merci mille bisous

hommedterre1 says:

The clothes ar absolutely gorgeous, the lines so precise and yet so feminine. However the choreography was horrible. The models walked as if though they were trampling through a cabbage patch.

princess & queen says:

Boring same last year and before last year and the year before before last year………..

Гулкайыр Иманалиева says:

Красссавчик браво!!!😍

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