Egg Chair and Swan Chair by Find Me The Original

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Close Find Me The Original Egg Chair and Swan Chair Fritzhansen help educate us in what makes this chair so special. For more prod…

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Stardust DotCom says:

This is a classic icon of Danish modern furniture design; make sure to purchase the original edition made by Fritz Hansen in Denmark. You wouldn’t want to be see walking around with a fake Louis Vuitton bag either; buying furniture is exactly the same. At the end; it’s all about self-respect; save up some money & get an original icon that will keep its value. The original Egg and Swan by Fritz Hansen are sold in the US through modern design purveyor

Mattis Rasmussen says:

Quality vid. would like to get one of those chairs!

bjarneboy says:

beautiful chairs

hmarina says:

More info at PlacenteroChair. com
The Placentero is a lounge chair that was designed by Batti, one of the most important young designers of the Argentina design scene.
With its new-age space design, the Placentero conforms well to the modern-day interior décor of public spaces. In particular, the lounge chair’s design complements interiors whose architecture boasts futuristic furniture, chairs, sofas, lamps and chaises.

Microglia1 says:

The reason these are so copied is because they’re easy to make. I prefer highly artisanal work so that the copy will be apparent immediately. Not sure why it’s iconic since it’s quite ugly.

Daniel Cardoso Balieiro says:

awesome design… now, I will wait for some IKEA version of it…

abestfurniture says:

@Kinguto You can get the piece as you like with help of me via

Kinguto says:

i wish i could get some of those for cheap….. like under $100 for a couple

AlexTube95 says:

What a masterpiece 🙂
Danish design

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