Eau Sauvage Parfum by Christian Dior Fragrance / Cologne Review

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Presentation: 1:05 | Smell: 2:02 | Rating: 8:02

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A fragrance review / cologne review of Eau Sauvage Parfum by Christian Dior. Thanks for watching!

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Bottle sizes available: 1.7oz and 3.4oz
Concentration: Eau de parfum

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My n.2 scent,and this smiley remind me of someone here?!?

Filipe Pinheiro says:

This has a new new version in 2017. Please tell me what is the batch year of your review, because I think this has been reformulated arround 2014 due to IFRA the old juice was yellowish and the last it is greener. The last one doesn t perform as good as the first release. But the smell stills almost the same. With the new 2017 I am waiting to test it. Thank you.

Troy Smythe says:

Maybe it's because I'm "over thirty" but ES-p has gotten big compliments for me. I bought it because of my interest in its vintage brother, the EDT version. Both are amazing. I hear the Parfum is being reformulated so I stocked up on bottles to sell to guys exiting their 20s ?

BlueCue GT says:

Guys help . Versace Eros or eau sauvage christian dior

Kris A says:

Finally, an articulate reviewer who knows his smells. Thanks,. that helped. 🙂

kenny fast says:

Excellent review!

jigsaw999 says:

Does anyone know where I can buy the original eau sauvage in the UK? I keep coming across the newer, edited eau sauvage.

Michael McDonald says:

i prefer the smell of the edt

HatredPrime says:

Please do YSL Kouros review

Matthew Ackerley says:

Was surprised by this, it's quite excellent! Simple yet deep. Very impressive. Dior almost can't do wrong.

Jack says:

Steven, this was my first viewing of one of your videos. SUPERB. I appreciated what you highlighted, your honesty, and of course, your knowledge. Nicely done! Here's might question for you: What would you recommend that is similar, but with more citrus forward notes. I don't mind the formality of the scent, AT ALL. I wore this and Antaeus through college, but i am looking to change it up a bit. I'm a traditional wet-shaver and many of my soaps are complex, citrusy and/or just complex. I am trying to think of anything else, but for now, thats it. Oh, are you Greek 😉

pdude1911 says:

Great video! Got this recently. Fantastic fragrance!! I like it more than the original now. Strong stuff, two sprays do the job just fine for me. I can see why a lot of people recommend this to older guys, but personally I think young adults (> 20) could also wear this to formal events. So happy with another classic by Dior in my collection 🙂

Tania Nunez says:

are the smells similar to the sausage that was released in 2015?

duplomacette says:

This one inspires dancing.

Tyler Mazza says:

I have a 50mL and theres no fly logo on the inside of the box. Not sure if I have a fake or not, as the batch code seems to be legit

Tony Montana says:

it contains only natural oils. About 99% of all perfumes are synthetic and can cause allergies, skin cancer, lung cancer, etc.. But not this one. Do not risk your life and that of the people around you. Healthy and happy.

Ken Able says:

I haven't worn cologne in 36 years, and now that I'm single again I'm thinking about starting to wear some.

Question – Just how much are you supposed to put on? Where exactly on the body do you put the cologne?

Thank You

Savy Voeung says:

is this a blind buy?

Consumer This says:

I think I'm going to blind buy this, looks amazing . Good review man

Jean -Luc says:

This stuff smells expensive– deep, dark, and rich. It's long-lasting and projects nicely. Sensuous and inviting.

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